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Do You Use A Gmail Email Address As the "From" Address When Sending Your Campaigns? Read this!


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Google recently announced plans to join Yahoo and AOL in an effort to cut down on email spam. Google’s change to their authentication policy impacts people who use Gmail to send emails through any third-party service including Constant Contact.


What does that mean for you? Great question! Tara Natanson, our resident deliverability expert (or more formally known as the Manager of ISP Relations here at Constant Contact), delves into the topic here. 


Hi Natalie - I have an account w CC and I have roughly 4800 on my send list. Of that, over 85% are gmail users. My gmail users that have opened my weekly email are 14. Fourteen. Yes - fourteen. I have spoken to tech support about this and we have tried several scenarios to try and rectify this. I have spoken to my ISP and they have told me that it is a CC issue. It is very frustrating when only 14 gmail contacts can view my email, out of roughly 4000+. I personally have two gmail addresses and the emails I send do not even go to myspam accounts. I love the service that CC offers, and I have been using it for a few years now, but maybe you can shed some light on why gmail accounts cannot receive my messages. I have tried authenticating, de-authenticating, and a few things that tech support has recommended as well. Nothing seems to work. Any thoughts or ideas? many thanks!


Hi @AndrewP7490


Thanks for posting! I'm sorry to hear about the difficulty you're experiencing with your gmail addresses. I took a look at your account and I do see exactly what you're describing. My best suggestion would be to continue troubleshooting with our dedicated deliverability team. They are specially trained to troubleshoot situations like this, and they can be reached at this number 855.285.0202. They're available to help you from 7am-11pm ET Monday-Thursday and 7am-9pm ET on Fridays. I apologize that I'm unable to shed light on this for you, but I hope that by working with our deliverability team they'll be able to provide some answers to the questions that you have.