Engaging Readers with the New RSVP Block in 3GE Emails


Our 3GE editor now offers the ability to get headcounts for upcoming events or get responses to a particular question, without needing to set up registration for an event or set up a survey. The new RSVP block was recently added to the Third Generation Editor and now gives users the opportunity to better engage with their customers’ right inside a newsletter. It’s quick and easy to set up, too!


You can find this block option right under the Build menu. Click on “Add-Ons” and then you will see RSVP as an option to drag right into the email. From here, you can title the block (ex. Yoga Studio 25th Anniversary Part) and create up to 3 possible response options. Please note: You will need to have an Email Plus account to use the RSVP Block.




Once the block is in the template, click on it to and choose “Edit” to access the editing options.





Two Simple Ways to Start Using the RSVP Block


1. Upcoming Events

Hosting an event? Use the block for its main intention and get some RSVPs from your customers, to see who is coming! You’ll quickly be able to manage responses on the reporting page of your email, instead of fishing through your inbox for replies or waiting for a reply.





2. Survey Customers

Use it as a quick survey. A lot of customers without the Survey product have been successful using the RSVP block as a mini survey. These work perfect for a multiple-choice question, for example:  polling the consumer to find out a convenient time to host a class. With the RSVP block you can have up to three response options. Meanwhile, there is no limit to the number of these blocks you can add to an email (my recommendation would be to limit it to two).




Reporting — All in One Place

After you’ve sent the email, you will see a section on the reporting page of your email with statistics for these blocks.



The reporting page of your email will have all RSVP blocks broken down by the title you used for it. You’ll even be able to drill down further and check specific responses for each one.




Enjoy taking advantage of this great new feature. It’s sure to get your customers engaging more with you and your business.


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