Excited to be a part of the Constant Contact Community


Hello Constant Contact Community Users,


My name is Jonathan, and I have been a Customer Engagement Specialist with Constant Contact since August 2015.


I truly enjoy coming to work every day for two really big reasons: Our Product and Our Customers; I have a genuine passion for both. I love helping customers utilize our product to enhance the marketing of their businesses and hearing feedback on how we as a company can improve it to meet YOUR needs.  I find my job rewarding because I learn new things every day from working with the product and most of all, You (the customers) are always teaching me new things too.


To provide a little background on myself, I am a native of Boston, Massachusetts and a huge fan of the Boston Red Sox (go figure right?) Outside of working with technology, I enjoy spending most of my free time outdoors. Some of my hobbies include deep-sea fishing, swimming, and ultimate Frisbee.


I look forward answering all of your inquiries on here and hope to help make the Community page a go-to source for getting accurate and helpful answers.