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Hi Nick, I've been a long time user of Constant Contact and like how it works for me.  I've created many campaigns and now created a first time survey. I went to publish it and found that my options are to buy a one time campaign for $50 or upgrade my account by an additional $25 per month.  I don't anticipate creating many surveys, so these options are not practical for me.  Is there a first time or trial period available to create and publish my survey?  I can see that if this survey gets results, I may be inspired to create more, but I'm not ready to upgrade without testing how well this works for me.  Can you help?


Flo Mauri 


Hi @monroe I apologize for any confusion this process may have caused. Surveys are in fact an Email Plus campaign. Because you are apart of our basic Email Plan you will have to either pay a one-time fee of $50 or upgrade to our Email Plus Plan as you have mentioned. Having access to a one-time free campaign is not a feature we provide. In the meantime, I have tracked this experience in your account and submitted feedback on having an up front warning that this is not a free feature when in our basic Email Plan.