Gmail/Yahoo: Clipped Email Message



This can happen when your email is too long. Gmail considers any emails with an HTML size of over 102Kb to be too long so it cuts the message off at the bottom of the page. You would see a message at the bottom of the email that says “Message clipped” and a link to view the entire message as a webpage. This can be very frustrating for both the sender and the recipient. If Gmail cuts off the email it can also cut off the tracking code that determines if the email has been opened or not and it hides the unsubscribe link you need in order to be compliant with the law.


Here are some tips to keep your emails short and sweet and avoid this.


  1. Cut content by including “read more” links to external sources.
  2. Include an “Interesting links” section to reduce content.
  3. Send smaller, targeted emails to your contacts.
  4. Choose a template with multiple columns.
  5. Get rid of necessary carriage returns and styles to reduce the amount of HTML.


What do you do to control the length of your email?

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Can you process that on your side and post a warning to the email creator?


Hi @Clique_Marketing

We don't have a system in place for processing this before the send but this is a great idea for the future. Would you mind sharing it in our Email Ideas forum?



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Hello Hannah/ there anything on the horizon to help combat this issue. I am developing an email that is packed with great info that our readers want and it is super frustrating from the sender and recipient point of voice with the clippiing. Perhaps some type of new compression that allows for longer/bigger emails with less file size or something? thanks!


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The simpliest way would be to create an image(s) containing the text.







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We cant we pack it with valuable links that the readers find of value. The messages dont get clipped on a ipad mini or ipod, but everything else(iphone, ipad, adroid phones, desktop) it gets cliipped. I understand googles 102kb restriction but was hoping there was some new way or technology in the works for this?


Hello @ScottA2535


At this time there is no way to combat this.  If breaking up the email into smaller campaigns is not possible, I would recommend using Read More links and link to a PDF or a campaign from your account using the Short URL to be able to have the content that you are looking for.  

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There does seem to be a solution now! Go to the bottom of this thread with a way to add a link to "View email as webpage" and add this to the top of your (over sized) letter:


Hello @IanD_CPC,


Thank you for your helpful reply! We now have a view as webpage option available for email campaigns. Here are full instructions on how to do this.