Having fun with Autoresponders

I’ve been having fun with autoresponders. I started one while on vacation – A Song A Day. One song each day, curated by me – someone who has spent a lifetime learning about and playing music. I’m now up to song #141 and there are 134 people enjoying (hopefully) some new music in their lives. Each day I hear from at least one person why a particular song moved them – and, I’ve also opened up the series to peoples’ musical suggestions!


I have a series for those who might like to try a free 2-month Constant Contact trial out for size. There’s having a 2-month trial, and then there’s having the trial and a coach who can show you how to make the best use of the trial/tools. That’s me!


Then, there’s the series for people who have Constant Contact and might like my assistance. There’s the new editor and regular changes to the product – I help people stay up to date and using all the tools as effectively, as possible.


These are just 3 of the various autoresponder series I have set up (around 20). If you’d like to learn more about my thinking on this topic, please join my email list (oh yes, there’s an autoresponder series there, too :) Not a long one, though, don’t worry! Just a welcome email. Did you know that your welcome email is by far the email that is opened at the highest rate of any email newsletter that you’ll send? Make it a great one!

Make sure to try this out yourself.


Hi!  I entered 160 emails to autoresponder.  Started program by sending to me.  Going well.  But...how in the world did I ever start the autoresponder sending daily emails to me...I want tosend to others and cannot recall how to do that...HELP!




Hello @BobA93,


When you created the Autoresponder Series, you should have created a contact list to receive those specific emails. To get more contacts to start receiving the Series, all you need to do is add contacts to that list. Our system will recognize any new contacts added to the list, and will take care of the sending from there based on your schedule.  

I just added song 229! Happy New Year!