How To Edit A Sent Email


"How do I edit my email once it has been sent?"

This is a common question we get from our customers here at Constant Contact. Although you can't make edits to an email with a status of Sent, there is still a way to make the changes necessary and send out the corrected information to your contacts. Here we'll show you how to make these updates.


Why Can't I Edit a Sent Email?

When you send an email out from Constant Contact, that email is essentially packaged up and sent out across the web to your contacts. Once this happens, the email is out of our reach in the same way that a letter is once you drop it off at the post office. Unfortunately, once it is sent out it cannot be retrieved.


Examples of Why a Sent Email Might Need To Be Edited

Here are a few examples of why a customer wants to edit an email that has been sent:


  • Change the email content but keep the same aspects of the original email (such as logos and colors)
  • Make a correction in a sent email


Let's explain this a little further....


One reason an email might need to be edited is if you only want to change a small section of the email. Maybe you are a restaurant and you send out a quick email at the beginning of the week with the specials you're offering. You would make a copy of the previously sent email, edit it to include the current week's specials and then send the updated copy out to your contacts.


Or, let's say I run a boutique and I am offering a discount code for some of my special customers to use online. This is the email that I sent out:




Yikes! My code was supposed to be INTHECLUB. Not to worry! I can still make sure that my customers receive the correct code.


The first step will be to copy the sent email. You can do this under the Campaigns tab, click on "More" then "Copy". This will essentially duplicate the email and you can then make the updates to your content. 





Now that I have made my copy, let's go update that discount code!




Phew, much better! I recommend updating your subject line with "Correction" or "Updated" before sending out your corrected email. This way your contacts will know why they are receiving a second email from you within a short period of time and they won't think that you're trying to spam them. Also consider including a small text block at the top of the email with a short explanation about what was changed in the email. Check out what I put in my subject line and text block:


We recommend always sending a test to yourself or another person so the email can be proofread before sending it out to your contacts. It's a great idea to have another set of eyes look over your emails. You can also post on our Critique My Campaign board to have other Constant Contact users give you feedback! 



Have any questions about editing your emails? Feel free to comment below and we would be happy to assist you!