How to Ask for Email Addresses, Anywhere

CTCT Employee

You’re using email marketing to grow your business or nonprofit. You’ve put in the time planning your email marketing schedule, designing your emails, writing content for your time-based promotion and non-promotional messages,  and measuring your success. Now that you have a repeatable strategy in place, how do you get new subscribers so your business continues to grow?

Join us for a free workshop where you will learn how to grow your email list whether you’re starting from 0 or 1,000. We’ll share best practices for building a permission-based contact list and reaching new people. We’ll discuss tactics that you can use for collecting email addresses in all the places your organization communicates with potential customers.

Join us for a free workshop, where you will receive:

  • A cheat sheet to help you identify how and when to ask people to subscribe

  • An opportunity to ask questions and interact with our workshop presenters 

By the end of the session, you’ll be armed with expert tips on how to put a plan in place to continually expand your subscriber list. 


The workshop is May 11, 2-3p ET. Don't forget to Register!


NOTE: If you are unable to attend, please register anyway. That way we can send you a free recording of the session that you can watch on your own time.

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