How to Edit Your Footer


UPDATED: January 2020


Every email sent out via Constant Contact has a footer in it. That footer has certain information that can be edited by you and other information that can only be edited by Constant Contact. Certain aspects are required by the CAN-SPAM Act and those won’t be able to be removed.


Let’s take a look at a standard footer and see what can and cannot be edited.



  1. Your Organization's name and physical address: This is required due to the January 1, 2004 U.S. federal anti-spam legislation that went into effect that requires all email communications to include the sender’s physical address. See more info here
  2. Unsubscribe Link: This link is to allow your contact to unsubscribe from your contact list and is required to be included in all emails sent out from our service.
  3. Update Profile: This cannot be removed, but you can update what the page looks like. Click here to learn more.
  4. Our Privacy Policy: This field is not mandatory but if your business or organization has its own Privacy Policy, you can host a link to it in the footer of your emails.
  5. About our service provider: This cannot be removed and is required by law.
  6. The Constant Contact Logo: This can be removed if you are a paying customer. Just contact us here or contact Support

If you needed to edit the footer in an email, you can do so while working on a draft. However, the only information that can be updated in this overlay is your organization's information. 


There are some items that you can change in the footer to make it a Custom Footer. We do that here in our Custom Services Department for a fee of $99.


  • You can adjust the colors, layout, text, font
  • Include your own company logo
  • Change the wording of the SafeUnsubscribe Link
  • Redirect your contacts to your own Privacy Policy (pending approval)

If you’re interested in having a Custom Footer, let us know and we’ll have someone get in contact with you! Otherwise, go ahead and start modifying what you can to make the footer yours!


Maybe give us a white or black option, or solid color picker command for the mandatory footers? Just so there's a better blend for dark backgrounds? Just an idea.


Hi @KazaFireEquipment


Thank you for sharing your feedback on this. I apologize these options are not available in our email templates. At this time changes like this can only be made through a Custom Footer. I also would suggest posting feedback like this in our Feedback Board. This section is a great place to submit feedback as it's monitored by members of our product and engineering team!


Why no phone number


Hello @EarlE9,


If you're going for a custom branded footer, you can also add almost any reasonable additional text that you would like.  This is usually used for adding disclaimer text, or other business specific information, but it can absolutely include a phone number.

I have also seen occasions where people will manually add it after their company name.  So that when editing their footer info it says 
Company name: (name)  |  (phone number)


Hi there, is it possible to add a SECOND address to the email footer? We're an NGO based in Cambodia but our board is in the US. We'd like both addresses on our newsletters.


Thanks in advance.






That's a great question! The good news this custom branded footer does allow you the option to include more than one address. Here is a link to where you can to submit your request or even request more information on this service.


We are an NGO that wants to remove our logo from the footer as it is huge in the current email we have. Do we have to pay $99 to do that? How did it get there in the first place?



Hi @HeatherA8 


We'd be happy to help look into this footer with you! In fact, we have taken a look at your account and can see you have spoken to our phone support about this as well. A ticket has been created in your account for further assistance. A member of our support will reach out directly with any further updates.

Occasional Participant

Why does Constant Contact require users to CALL to remove the footer? To be clear - this is such an inconvenience and makes it harder for paying customers to streamline their work. It's added time and bother.


Can someone let me know how I can do this on my own? I am a paying customer.

Thank you,


Hello @InspiredTherapy,


I apologize for any inconvenience, but we do not have a way to remove the footer. The footer contains important information that we are legally required to have. If you want to edit the footer at all, you can reply to this message and let us know. It will cost a one time $99 dollar fee. Another option is you can reply back and ask us to remove the Constant Contact logo for free. Thanks! 

Consulting & Training

There is a URL address appearing after the address in my footer. It doesn't show in my preview window but it appears when I do a test view. I do not know how it got there or how to delete it.


Hi @DebbieM147. This website can be deleted through the Scheduling page under Physical Address. Hope this helps!

I have the opposite issue, I have a phone number but it is my personal and I am unable to remove or change it? 


Hello @AnimalKingdomPopups ,


It's possible your personal phone number is being pulled if it is listed in My Settings as your organization's number. Go into My Settings and remove it from the Organization Info section. You may also need to check the Signature section as well. This won't take off your primary contact number for our internal purposes (case creation and account detection for inbound and outbound support), but should ensure it doesn't show up in any of the coded footer sections across various campaign types.


I am having the SAME issue: personal cell is in footer and I am unable to remove it. Please help!!! I do not want this showing up on my emails. I have tried all of the above solutions. 


I am having an issue because the phone number listed in the footer is incorrect and I cannot change it. 
The number doesn't appear in edit mode, but when I go to preview it appears after the zipcode. It is my personal phone number, and not the phone number for the campaign. 
There is no option to delete it in footer editing. I thought maybe it is an automated thing, so I checked account settings and made sure the only phone number listed was the campaign's phone number, but still when I preview the email, I only see the personal phone number. 
How can I change this?
Is it something in the background that constant contact themselves have to update?


Hi @CrisD38. It looks like you were able to connect with our Support team on Saturday. If you need additional assistance, please post on our Get Help board

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It's literally been years (at least 3) since people have been asking for an easy way to hide the Constant Contact logo (not the footer). With the rebranding, the presence of the logo has gotten bigger and more obnoxious. Why do you continue to perpetuate that it requires "a qualified CC employee" to do the work? We're not asking for the footer to be hidden, we're not asking for the CAN-SPAM act to be violated. I'm just asking for a logo not to appear on paid accounts.
In many other CRMs - this is a user-controlled switch AND the service pays for any referrals. Why don't you do this? (e.g. )


Hello @PaulO792 ,


It looks like we already took care of your request and tracked your feedback. Please refer to the message in Get Help, or feel free to create a new thread in the Get Help forums if you're needing additional assistance.


The unsubscribe footer in my email does not work.  What's the problem, and how can I fix it?