How to Edit Your Footer


UPDATED: January 2020


Every email sent out via Constant Contact has a footer in it. That footer has certain information that can be edited by you and other information that can only be edited by Constant Contact. Certain aspects are required by the CAN-SPAM Act and those won’t be able to be removed.


Let’s take a look at a standard footer and see what can and cannot be edited.



  1. Your Organization's name and physical address: This is required due to the January 1, 2004 U.S. federal anti-spam legislation that went into effect that requires all email communications to include the sender’s physical address. See more info here
  2. Unsubscribe Link: This link is to allow your contact to unsubscribe from your contact list and is required to be included in all emails sent out from our service.
  3. Update Profile: This cannot be removed, but you can update what the page looks like. Click here to learn more.
  4. Our Privacy Policy: This field is not mandatory but if your business or organization has its own Privacy Policy, you can host a link to it in the footer of your emails.
  5. About our service provider: This cannot be removed and is required by law.
  6. The Constant Contact Logo: This can be removed if you are a paying customer. Just contact us here or contact Support

If you needed to edit the footer in an email, you can do so while working on a draft. However, the only information that can be updated in this overlay is your organization's information. 


There are some items that you can change in the footer to make it a Custom Footer. We do that here in our Custom Services Department for a fee of $99.


  • You can adjust the colors, layout, text, font
  • Include your own company logo
  • Change the wording of the SafeUnsubscribe Link
  • Redirect your contacts to your own Privacy Policy (pending approval)

If you’re interested in having a Custom Footer, let us know and we’ll have someone get in contact with you! Otherwise, go ahead and start modifying what you can to make the footer yours!


Hi @MelindaS21. I apologize for the delay in our reply.  I see that you reached out to our Support team after posting here and I wanted to follow up to make sure that you were assisted. Please let us know if you need additional help.


We've changed our company name but it hasn't updated in the footer. How do I change that so it applies to every email we send, instead of having to change it individually each time we create and email?


Hello @TFTCO ,


Have you updated it everywhere applicable in the My Settings area? You may also want to make a fresh email and check what the footer is set as, in case it's not updating there automatically when updating your settings.