How to get a URL for your Campaign


UPDATED: July 2018


Want to share your campaign on your website, social profiles, blog, or within a different campaign? You can use your campaign's Short URL! (Please note, in order to get a URL, the campaign needs to have been sent and cannot be in a draft or scheduled status) To access the short-link URL, click on Campaigns. Then, click on the button located to the right side of the sent email campaign called More. Finally, select the Share option and a pop-up will display the short-link URL.





Please note, the URL links to a web version of your email.


That’s it! Pretty easy, right? Have you used the Campaign URL? Where have you shared it? 

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We have created a campaign that is an email newsletter for members of our church.  In addition to emailing the newsletter to all members, we put a link on our website for each newsletter.  However, we have the problem of people not being able to access the newsletter through the website link unless they have the campaign's login credentials, which we have not revealed to most members of the church.  Is there some workaround for this that doesn't involve making the campaign login information public?  Thanks for any help!


Hello @St.Albans , 


You will want to share the URL to your campaign on your site.  To get the correct URL so that it does not ask for login information you can go to the Campaigns tab, then you will see a link icon next to the name of your campaign.  You will then get a window showing you a URL to your campaign.  





 Updated on 8/23/16

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I've done this several times now, and it's a handy way to send out as a text to our school families. However, when I post the short code to Facebook, I'd prefer that the image "icon" not be arbitrary. Is there a way to pull a prefered image out of the email message? Thanks for your help.  


Hello @MontessoriDresher,


Great question. There is a way to choose which image is associated with your Facebook post. This is something that has to be handled on the Facebook end but I will provide two screenshots showing what it would look like and how to do it:


When you paste in the short URL of your campaign for a status update through your personal page the set-up will look like this:




I took a URL for one of your most recent campaigns to demonstrate. The arrows highlighted in red indicate where you can cycle through the images that have been identified in the campaign. If you do not want the pictures available you can always click "Photo/Video" to choose a different one from your computer.


This is what it would look like if you are sharing through a business page:




You can use that higlighted arrow to cycle through or choose from a selection of images at the bottom. Otherwise, you can hit the "+" symbol above "Boost Post" to choose an image from your computer. 

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Thanks for your information on this.


I used to find the link before I sent a campaign by clicking on the 'having trouble viewing this email' in the preview. I needed to be able to post a link on a website before I sent the campaign for scheduling reasons. 


Now that I have switched to the new layout, I do not see a way to get the url of a campaign until after I have sent it (and I see that mentioned in the original post as well). This presents some problems for how I use this service. Is there an alternative way to get the URL before I send a campaign like there used to be? 


Thank you.


Hello @First_Unitarian_DM,


Great question. I understand how this is an important feature based on the way you have utilized it with the previous editor. I did want to clarify that the link provided with the "View As Webpage" option is not a permanent link and will expire. Of course, it will expire several months after the email is sent out but I did want to make sure that was clear in case you were looking for a permanent option.


There are two options I can suggest as far as how to get the URL before sending the campaign to your contacts:


1) Create an email list with just your email address on it and then make a copy of the email campaign you are working on. Once the copy is created, schedule the campaign to the list you created with just your email address. This way only you will receive the email and you will have access to the Share URL function under the Actions drop down. The disadvantage here is you will have a duplicate campaign that you might consider taking up more space than you would like. 


2) The other option depends on if you have a Twitter account or not. You will schedule the campaign for a later date (at least a day in advance so it does not accidentally send while you are doing this). While it is scheduleded you can use the Social Share option to post to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If your Twitter account is connected to Social Share a short URL appears in the post. You would then copy the URL provided and cancel then cancel the Social Share operaton. This short URL is the same as the one that will be associated with the campaign after it is sent. The URL is not valid until the email is sent so you would not be able to test it first. But at least you will have the short URL and then can go back and unschedule the campaign before it goes out.


I realize both options have their advantages and disadvantages. I would be happy to track your feedback on having the "Save As Webpage" option added to the third generation editor.


It might help if I understand why you need the link before sending the email out. You are welcome to reply here, but if the reason is sensitive feel free to email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username and a reference to this post and we can look into this further for you.


I would like the option to send a short url preview as well.  The person in my organization that edits and approves the campaigns often can't find the previews that I send, as her email is very busy and she'd have to scroll back through multiple pages of Gmail.  I have created a sort of intranet web page for her where I can post links to the campaigns.  I could send to myself as described above, but I'd have to keep making copies and deleting the original as I edit it. This feels clumsy.


Hello @WhisperingSong,


Thank you for that feedback! I can definitely see how this feature would be useful in regards to your situation. I will make sure to submit it to our developers for review!

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Does Constant Contact provide any reporting (aka metrics) on clicks to a campaign's share URL?


Hello @ABMSCert,


Thank you for your question! Constant Contact does not currently provide reporting for clicks made through the share URL. I understand how useful that would be for reporting statistics and I will make sure to pass the feedback to our developers for review!




On our account the button says "More" not "Actions" and we do not have a "Short URL" option. Why is this? Is there any way to shorten the URL in this situation?




Hi @MichelleK683,


Sorry for any confusion! The short URL is still available on the homepage, see guide: Email Campaign URL.


You can also click on the title of a sent email and find the URL listed on the Email Details page: email detail.png








If we are not sending out the link to the survey by email, does this mean we cannot get a short URL?


Hello @MichelleK683,


You sure can! If you visit the dashboard for your survey you will see an option to "Add it to a webpage." This will provide you with a URL you can share outside of Constant Contact.




I'd like to use a shortened link on LinkedIn but am unable to choose an image to accompany the link. Is this possible?


Hello @AnaR13. You should be able to choose an image when sharing a link on LinkedIn! You would first have to deselect the image that automatically pull by clicking the X in the top right corner as seen in the screenshot below:



From there, you can select the Image button to choose a different image saved on your computer




Hope this helps!


Thank you.


Currently an image is not populating when I paste the link.


Also, when I click the X I lose the "preview window" that lets readers know it's an actual link.




Hi @AnaR13. Yes, clicking the X will remove the preview of the link. However, the link will still work and will be clickable. The post will show as below with an attached image. 





Is there a way to include the link in the email itself? automatically includes a link at the top of the email with "View this email in your browser"


Thanks! -Jen