How to make Constant Contact even better using Third Party Integrations!


You are already using Constant Contact which is a great Email Marketing software solution, although I may be a bit biased. Now you want to know how to make it even better by getting your contacts from your CRM, or other database into Constant Contact.


Most every program out there has the ability to export your data to a file, usually a .csv file which you can then use to import your data into Constant Contact. Here is our FAQ on how to do that if you would like to go that route.


Maybe you are wondering to yourself, if there is an easier way? That is where an integration comes into play. An integration is a program that was created so one piece of software can talk to another piece of software. Constant Contact has made a few integrations and we refer to these as First Party Integrations such our WordPress Plugin and our Outlook Plugin. However; there are so many programs out there that we can’t possibly keep up with them all; so we look to Third Party Developers for assistance. I’d like to talk about two of our largest and give you an idea of the help they can offer you.


Let’s take a look at Cazoomi.


Once you sign up for an account you click the button to create a new sync profile. Give your new profile a name, then use the dropdown list to select what programs you which to sync. During my research, I selected to sync Salesforce to Constant Contact.


The next step had me log in to my Salesforce account, choose whether I wanted to sync Contacts, Leads, Accounts, or all three. I was able to choose from a variety of options such as syncing my Opt-Outs and deleted Contacts, Leads, or Accounts. I was asked if I wanted to sync all records or just records attached to specific campaigns/lists.


I then was prompted to log in to my Constant Contact account. Here I was asked if I wanted to sync Opt-Outs going back the other direction. Again if I wanted to sync all contacts or just use specific lists. Both steps gave me the option to decide where I wanted my contacts to be put in each program.


Just a few more clicks and my contacts were synced between Constant Contact and Salesforce. The entire process took me about 10 to 15 minutes. Starting from signing up for a new Cazoomi account to making my sync decisions, saving the profile, and clicking the Activate sync button.


Now let’s move on to Zapier.


After signing up for an account I type in Constant Contact to see what programs I can connect with and again I see Salesforce as one of my options. I select the “Zap” that will send my Contacts from Salesforce to Constant Contact.


My Next step asks me to sign in to my Salesforce account and the program automatically checks my account for a test contact to use during setup. Next I’m prompted to sign in to my Constant Contact account. I select which list I want my contacts to be attached to in Constant Contact and which fields of data I want brought over such as email address, name, company, etc.


The program runs a test on the contact it chose from Salesforce and lets me know everything is working correctly. I turn my Zap on and I’m ready to go on my way. Any time a new contact is added to Salesforce it will automatically be added to Constant Contact; the Zap runs every five minutes to check for new activity.


Both of these programs offer many more integrations than just Salesforce; too many to go over in just one article. If you are looking for a way to make your Constant Contact experience even better I highly encourage you to check out our Marketplace and see what Third Party Integrations are available to help you out.

Have you used one of our integrations before? Let us know about your experience.