I'm Here to Help!


Hello everyone!  My name is Troy.  I have been with Constant Contact for 4 years.  I specialize in our SinglePlatform service (singleplatform.com) and support all of our other products.


Since joining the Constant Contact and SinglePlatform teams I have discovered a strong passion for helping small businesses be successful.  I honestly don’t know where this job has been my whole life!  Helping our customers like you, has given me such a sense of fulfillment. Even when I am not working I am still thinking about the conversations I’ve had throughout the day with various customers and how best to help them.


Somehow, I still manage to hike regularly in the beautiful Colorado Mountains and enjoy everything life has to offer.  My favorite thing to do with my spare time, besides hiking, is working with my huge, freshwater aquarium and play with my fish.  Ask me and I will send pictures!


I am looking forward to helping with anything I can to make your life easier as you use our products and services.  Please feel free to reach out anytime.


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We are having a lot of trouble logging in to our account:


User Name: 


Company Name: Los Angeles School of Gymnastics



We have new staff and need to get an immediate response.


Hello @tanyab2


It looks like your account has been disabled. Please contact our Account Review Team and they would be happy to discuss this with you.


Where exactly can your users go to provide feedback on the product(s)? The "feedback" link at the top of the standard pages returns a "this survey has been closed" message. I have a badly-needed feature I would like to be considered, but it is frsutratingly difficult to find the proper channel. Do you know?


Hello @SAScc. I'm sorry that you're having trouble submitting feedback for our products. We love hearing from our customers on features and improvements that we can make! You can check out our Feedback page in the Community here. Click on "Feedback, Ideas and Suggestions" and then you can go into the appropriate topic to submit your feedback. Hope this helps!