Import and Delete Library Images in the Constant Contact Mobile App [Discussion]


It is possible for you to import and delete images in your account through the Constant Contact Mobile App. The steps are simple and can be found through our Knowledge Base.


If you have any questions regarding the process or if there is anything you'd like to see in the Constant Contact Mobile App, let us know below!

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I'm new to ConstantContact. I used it 15 years ago but quit due to a low price / value ratio. But I digress. My one week experience with the Web version and the Mobile version have taught me some things. Namely that far too many features are half baked. I urge a product manager to call me or sit down with me and review the entire system screen by screen. If I am going to take this journey with your company, you need some outside help. Here is what irritated me 5 minutes ago: Sales guy tells me I can scan business cards. So I download the mobile app and scan a card. WHAT? It only records the email address! It lets me poke the first name and last name in by hand.... then I poke in the Company name. Then I TRY TO ENTER the phone number, but NO... No Sir. Constant Contact developers have choosen the WRONG keyboard from the IOS developer library. It WILL NOT LET ME ENTER THE + Character for Country Code 49 (Germany). When I just poke in all the numbers to let CC sort it out, it doesnt work. HERE IS THE THING: You need fresh eyes on your product. Your team is fabulous, I get it... Your company is fabulous... I get it. But we are all "moving forward " together here. And you guys have dozens of silly design decisions in your products and worse, you have missing features and workflow that would be trivial to include. GET COMPETITIVE. Lose your "NIH" attitude and bring in the stong smart experts that can help you. They don't work at CC, and that's not an unusual situation in a tech world that moves at light speed. You are not keeping up with quality or customer expectations... how are you going to set NEW STANDARDS for excellence, if you cant even blow away a new user.

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I just wanted to acknowledge your response here and that I also message you privately. I have followed up with our Product Manager for the mobile app and he is interested in speaking with you. If you could reply in our private conversation with your contact information I will be able to get that to him. Thank you! 


Hhow do you delete images that you imported?   It's driving me crazy trying to find a way to do it. 



Hi @LyndaJ are you looking to delete images in your Library through the Constant Contact Mobile App? If so you can do this by:


  1. Viewing your Library images and tapping Select in the top-right.
  2. Tap the image or images you'd like to delete from the Library. To delete multiple images at once, check-mark each image.
  3. Tap the Trash icon Trash in the bottom-right.
  4. Tap Delete Image to confirm.

These steps are also provided in the Help Center article shared in this original post.


I am trying to delete an image through the website but am not finding any way to do this. There MUST be a way... if I can add images on the site, how do I delete one? It's making me CRAZY. Thank you.

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I am trying to delete old images from constantcontact image library. I tried clicking on the "date added" header at the top of the column, but it does not click. I am trying to delete the oldest files. Help!




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If a link is unresponsive, you may need to switch browsers to see if that helps. Thanks!