Knowledge Base: A Day In The Life


You know it, you’ve seen it, you’ve used it. But have you ever wondered about the folks who keep Knowledge Base running? As a small team of writers, they normally prefer to operate behind the scenes. But today, they’ve agreed to step into the spotlight so that we can share a typical day in the Knowledge Base Team with you.



Office Life Journal

8:30am —

With the jangling of keys, Andrea is the first to arrive. Quickly followed by Rachel W., Alex, Rachel H., and Betsy. They shrug off the morning commute before settling down for the day.


walking_in_number1.png walking_in_number2.png walking_in_number3.png


9:15am —

Bodies screaming for caffeine, the team makes their collective way to the nearby kitchenette. One at a time, each member selects their preferred beverage. There’s espresso, coffee, iced tea, and hot tea.

10:00am —

Working off hours, Melissa arrives a bit later to find the rest of the team full of excited chatter. She’s come prepared. Reaching into her bag, she pulls out some energy of her own: homemade iced coffee!




10:30am —

Release meeting. The whole team comes together to discuss what is going live this week.

11:00am —

The team meets up with a programmer for a Product Owner (PO) meeting. They talk about what kind of exciting features they have to look forward to down the pipeline. They schedule time to see a demo.




12:00pm —

With hunger gnawing, the team goes down to the cafeteria and grabs a table for lunch. They discuss what drafts each person is working on, the World Cup, and the crazy future that technology is blazing towards.

12:45pm —

Dessert! Andrea refills the candy dish with a crowd favorite: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Everyone gets their sugar fix.

1:00pm —

Hard at work. The team all have their heads down as keyboards clack away.


team_area_left_side.png team_area_right_side.png


2:00pm —

Content strategy meeting. The team talks about pain points and the different ways they could improve the existing documentation. They shuffle cards around a Kanban board until they have a plan of attack.

3:00pm —

Betsy runs into another Product Owner in the hall. Good news! That feature upgrade won’t be delayed after all. Everything will release on schedule.

3:30pm —

Rachel W. wants to add an animated GIF to an article, but runs into trouble. She pings Melissa for help.


content_strategy_left_side.png content_strategy_right_side.png


5:00pm —

The team says goodbye and part their separate ways, leaving Melissa alone to finish the day. Melissa puts on headphones and takes out a mic to record audio for a tutorial.

6:00pm —

Time flies by. Melissa yawns and packs up her things.


audio_recording_left_side.png audio_recording_right_side.png