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LEARN MORE: Automatically Resend an Email to Contacts That Did Not Open


Contacts don't open emails for a variety of reasons: they're too busy, your email got buried on a busy mailing day, or they might not find your subject line that interesting. The good news is that you can set your email to automatically resend to the contacts who didn't open it the first time, and tweak your subject line for them, too.


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Hello @SarahH719


Thanks for joining us in the Community! We certainly agree this can be helpful to make sure this email gets opened by as many people as possible. Although you are not able to activate the automatic resend to non-openers once the email has been scheduled, you are still able to easily resend the email to the non-openers once it has been sent. You can follow the steps located in this article in order to accomplish this.


We are more than happy to pass along your feedback to our developers for future additions!



Occasional Participant

Thank you!

Another question I just posted, but I think it will just be seen as a comment and I'd really like some help with this!

Reading your blog and a template is referenced that I like, but cannot find on your site.  Please help!



Looking for Nonprofit Volunteer and Nonprofit Newsletter.  If they're not available, they shouldn't be included in your blog of great templates.  I hope they are!




Hello @SarahH719,


Thank you for coming to the community today!  I took a look at that blog-post, and it appears that is referencing mostly our older templates.  All of the templates shown on that particular blog are from our legacy newsletter.  You should be able to find quite a few similar updated templates though.  In your account when creating a campaign just go to the 'standard' tab in the templates and then do a search for Nonprofit.


When resending the email to contacts who have not yet opened the email, does the email resend at the same time the original was sent (i.e., the original email was sent out Thursday, Aug. 31 at 4PM) or will it be sent out at 12AM of the day it is scheduled to go out (i.e., 12AM on Monday, Sept. 4)?


Hello @JohnN8173,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! That is a great question! Our Resend to Non-Opener feature allows you to choose to send your email out again within 3-7 days of the original send. It will also send out the email at the same exact time that your original went out. Please click here for more information about this feature!  resend.PNG


Hi CC Team, 


Is it possible to set up automated re-send to non-openers on autoresponder emails? 


Many thanks,


Marketing Advisor

Hi @JadaT68


Thank you for reaching out to us! At this time, being able to resend to non openers is not available when creating an autoresponder series. I can definitely submit your feedback to our developers to let them know that you are interested in this feature.


We are a religious organization, and it seems that our office person is receiving a test email every time we do a resend to those that have not yet read the email. Is there a way to prevent the test from sending or from removing her email address for the test? I've researched options and so far I haevn't been able to figure this out on my own, thanks! 


Hi @SusanC13


It's great to see you in the Community and I'm happy to help you today! I'd like to ask a couple questions. 

  • Is your office person receiving the "your campaign has been sent notification" or are they receiving the test emails for the account?
  • Have you checked the user email in the My account section? If their emails is listed there, you will want to change it. You can also remove the email in the My Settings page if you aren't going to use it in the future. Click here for instructions for updating the account email address. 

Thanks again for reaching out the in the Community!


Alex S. 

Regular Participant

We don't see the resend to non-openers button.  How come?  We would like this option very much.



Hello @JenniferB073,


I apologize that you are not seeing this option. The reason why you are not seeing the button to resend to non-openers is because you are trying to schedule a Legacy Newsletter. That generation of editing does not have this option. Take a look at the picture below to see the difference in versions. If you try and schedule an email that says "Newsletter Email" you will be able to see the button that allows you to resend to non-openers. legacy.png

Occasional Participant

I'd like constant contact to allow an automatic resend time and date to be edited.  I did a recent email and set the auto resend to a date and time on the 5th day after sending.  


After reviewing my early results and considering the timing of the resend, I 'd like to be able to modify it.


Doing a cancellation and manually creating a new list to do a resend is cumbersome and likely to result in errors as seen by reading the comments and help responses in this forum.  


The whole point of using this program is to automate and simplify email sending to our customers.  This should be a simple fix to allow us to edit the date, time and subject lines on an auto resend.  

I can cancel or modify social shares, why not an automated resend?


Thanks for listening. 


Hi @Laels_Moon_Garden,


Thank you for the feedback!  I do see we have a feature request for that option, and I can add you to that request!  We really appreciate your specific feedback on how this feature can be improved. It's great insight for our developers to review as they map out future updates for the product. Please feel free to reach out to us for anything else you may need. 



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This feature is great, but it would be even better if you could change the TIME OF DAY on the re-send as well, and not just the subject line. I.E. if you send an email on Monday at 9 AM and want to send a reminder on Thursday at 3PM, etc. Sometimes it's not just re-sending the email, but also sending it at a different time of day, to catch those unopened contacts at a different part of their daily routine, etc. Please consider adding this to enhance this feature further! 


Hi @JeffW467 


I apologize our system does not currently off the option to customize this re-send to your non-openers at the time of your choosing. With that being said I can see you shared this feedback in another section of our Community as well. We have shared a helpful workaround you can try in the meantime on your post.