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When you take the time to segment your contact lists and send the right message to the right people, you get better open rates and overall engagement with your emails. Segments allow you to create customized groups of contacts by looking at your contacts as a whole, despite how many lists you have, and filtering them into a group by list membership, contact information, and email engagement. Once you've created your segments, they're ready for you when you're ready to schedule an email.


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We have a number of different lists and emails sent out on a daily and weekly basis. When I select "didn't open last 5 emails" AND select a certain list, is it only choosing the emails that went to that list?


This is a subtle thing, but very important, as I want to be sure to only get the people who did not open the emails that went to that specific list (as opposed to other emails, to lists that they may also be a member of).


Thank you very much!


If you have a segment with criteria of "didn't open last 5 emails AND on a certain list", then you'll get back the contacts who are on that certain list and did not open any of the last 5 emails sent, regardless of which lists those last 5 emails were sent to.


For example, contact Jane Doe may be on List A, List B, and List C. You sent Email 1, Email 2, and Email 3 to List A, then sent Email 4 and Email 5 to List B. Jane receives all 5 emails, but doesn't open any of them. You then create the segment of didn't open last 5 emails and on List C. The contact Jane Doe would be returned in this case.


Jennifer Bubriski

Group Product Manager, Constant Contact

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Is it possible to create a segment based on the contact being in BOTH of two separate lists?


MJ313 - Not right now, but we only recently released the segments feature, so it's great to get the feedback that that's something you'd find useful. We'll certainly be improving this feature over time.


Jennifer Bubriski

Group Product Manager, Constant Contact


Can I create a custom field in segmentation? I would like to segment by "emails that end in lausd.net Thanks! 


Hi @CharityS2,


That's a great question and thanks for asking! You can create a Segment based on a specific email domain by using the Advanced contacts search function and saving those contacts as a new email list. This resource provides the step-by-step instructions for you: Segment Your Lists Using Contact Details. Please let us know if you need any further assistance with this!

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I created a segment listing of individuals who haven't opened our emails.  There are several thousand names, and we want to purge that group.  How do I delete those contacts en-masse?


@DaveM4302 Hi! Creating segments are a great way to help manage your contacts. To purge a segmented group of contacts, you will need to create a list of those contacts and then delete that list. Let me know if I can assist you with anything else!


Hi, I have 2 segment questions:


1.  In addition to the activity parameter of sending to those who were not sent the last 5 emails and those who weren't sent a specific email, do you foresee in the future adding the ability to select those who weren't sent MULTIPLE specific emails of your choosing?  For example, maybe there was an email sent earlier than your last 5 for which you want to be sure your new segment was not sent, in addition to a few other emails that were more recently sent.


2.  Do the segments build on one another? 
i.e. If segment A's parameters are that the contacts did not receive email A, then I send that email B, when I go to email the segment C and say to send to those who didn't receive email B, does that automatically mean it's filtering for those who didn't receive email A OR email B, or just email B?







Hello @AMR_Mgmt_Svc,


Those are excellent questions.  In answer to your first question, that is not currently  an option within the system.  However, our development team is actively asking for feedback on the segments, and I would expect that there will be a number of additions and changes to segments as they learn what people are wanting, and what is needed.  I'm adding you to the feature request for more selection options to be chosen for a single segment.


For your second question the answer is a bit simpler.  Segments do not look at each-other at all.  So Segment C would only be looking at the contacts who didn't receive email B.  The Segment completely ignores the existence of email A unless that email is listed in it's criteria somewhere.


We have recently moved to Shopify and would love to be able to create segments based on actual product purchase history.  (e.g. Customer bought product A from Brand X so might like product B from Brand X).  Have I missed this feature or any plans to add?  Thanks





Hi @AlisonH272 I apologize for the delay in our response! I would however like to thank you for sharing your feedback on this here in the Community. I can understand how helpful it would be to segment and create follow up emails based on Shopify purchases. Though this feature is not currently available I have submitted this request in your account. This is a feature request our Product Team is tracking.