Make Your Emails Shine with Our Animated Templates

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We’re excited to announce the Animated Templates Giveaway for the month of February (and… a little bit of March)! We wanted to show a little love to our customers and help them shine with some animated templates. Entry is simple -- reply to this article, “Make Your Emails Shine with Animated Templates,” using your Constant Contact Community username, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of ten animated templates crafted for you by our Professional Services team. Visit here for examples of what animated templates look like. 


Giveaway ends on March 10, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST. For full entry details, please read the Terms & Conditions hereUPDATE: The Giveaway has ended. Thank you to everyone that has participated. We will be selecting the winners and notifying them this week. Stay tuned!




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Have you been searching for a way to take your emails from ordinary to extraordinary? At Constant Contact, we want to provide our customers with an exceptional way to stand out from the crowd---by using our animated templates! If you want to send out something extra special for the upcoming holiday season, our animated templates are the perfect way to make your emails shine.


Our Professional Design team comes up with many unique animation styles that encourage our email marketing best practices. We want to help you look professional and astonish your readers. We offer a variety of categories such as seasonal, holiday and business industry animations. You can choose up to three templates, and we will add in your branding with your logo, contact information, and links to your social media pages. All you need to do is simply add the content! Check out some great examples here.


Nov Sales.gif


Our Professional Design team has a passion for creativity and imagination. Let us take your branding to the next level! Want to dig a little deeper in the benefits of animated templates? You can click here for your ultimate animation guide. 

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I'd love to give this a try!

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Interested in getting a new animated template! We offer business services so I'm thinking "season's greetings" will be fun and a welcome change from our "business" email campaigns.

Would love to win!
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Looks interesting

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Curious to see what these will look like, and whether they will be appropriate for professional posts.

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Great contest to “Make Your Emails Shine with Animated Templates,” .


Those would be awesome to have for the company newsletters!

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Oh wow. We could definitely use a template refresh. Our template is super old, from one of the original CC editor interfaces. We could stand a redesign and why not have it be animated?! Pick us!!! 

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“Make Your Emails Shine with Animated Templates.”

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Would love to use for business if not too expensive.

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Constant Contact is constantly thinking up new ways to bring outstanding content to to our customers in fun, eye-catching ways! We at MasterPeace Dog Training love how you make designing emails so easy! We've been with you for over 10 years now, and we've seen you morph from a first class email program, to an all-encompassing company who provides so much assistance to all of us busy business owners! Keep up the good work!

Animation would add some zip to our E-newsletters. I think our readers would get a kick out of it!


Love this! Definitely need one for our emails.


Love using animated images. Thanks for creating more, freebies!

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TheHeartFoundation - Our charity could definitely benefit from winning one of these free templates!


Any foundation or corporation can benefit from this

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reply to this article:
Make Your Emails Shine with Animated Templates

"simple"? what does "reply to this article" mean?.... seriously.

Is it this? post a comment? a "share"? I'm sure i SHOULD know... but I do not.

Interesting way to add pop to our communications!  We are looking forward to learning more.

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Jersey Aero