Making the Most of the Constant Contact Community


Welcome to the Constant Contact Community!


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We’re happy you’re here. This is a place where people like you- small business owners, nonprofit organizers, and freelancers- can come together to share tips and tricks, receive product support, leave feedback for our teams, and so much more! Let’s explore the different areas of the Community so that you know what you’ll find in each section.


Knowledge & Support

Need help with your Constant Contact account? Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to our support teams in the “Just Getting Started with Constant Contact?” and “Need Help with Something Else?” boards and you may find that in addition to receiving a reply from our helpful staff, another Community member who knows the answer might jump in to help, too. We’re a friendly bunch in the Community, and our users often help each other.


Leveraging the Critique My Campaign board for feedback on your campaigns is a smart idea. Want to know how your campaign will go over with your readers? Ask your peers for their thoughts before hitting send.


Don’t be left in the dark on our newest features, enhancements, and fixes! Keep your eye on the Product News board for a monthly Release Notes series where you’ll find out what our folks have been working on, and how that affects you. You’ll also find other articles about our product and service in this board.


Want to read a Q&A with a Constant Contact employee, like the head of our product team? What exactly happens to the feedback you give us? And would you like opportunities to win prizes? Then keep an eye on our Community News board where we’re constantly giving you the inside scoop!


Join the Discussion

If you thought the Community was strictly a place to receive customer support then have we got news for you! The Community is a place where all Constant Contact members are welcome to showcase their knowledge and expertise. Share your thoughts, insights, and industry news in the Conversations board, or pick up some social media knowledge by perusing the resources we have available.


Your Feedback & Ideas

Your voice matters. Let our teams know your thoughts, share your feedback, and vote on other users’ ideas, too! When you post feedback a member of our Voice of the Customer (VOC) Team reads all of your comments. (Yes, you read that right, we read every word of every post.) The VOC Team is here to be our users’ biggest advocates. They compile all of the feedback and ideas we hear and share them with our Product Development Team.


Developer Community

Stumped on a particular Application Program Interface, or API? Here you’ll find Constant Contact API documentation: references for newbies, sample code snippets, advanced support, and all you’ll need to know about 401 errors. Keep an eye on this area for enhancement news, too!


We look forward to chatting with you around the Community!