Meet one of our Support Team Leads - Kade!


We’re starting a new series where you get to meet some of the people behind the scenes at Constant Contact. We want to help put a name to the faces that you might hear on the phone and show you the people you don’t get to talk to on a regular basis, like our Marketing team, Product Teams and more! We’re very excited to start this off, so come on and take a look at our first victim, ahem I mean participant, Kade!


A little background on Kade: 

Kade is one of our Support Team Leads in Loveland, CO. He started his journey at Constant Contact in 2009. Since his first day, he has been a member of our Customer Operations department. Starting out taking phone calls as a Support Specialist, he worked his way into our Second Level of Support (we call it Tier 2) and eventually became a supervisor for that team. His latest role is the team lead position where he manages a team that has around 10-13 reps on a regular basis. Take a look at Kade and his team below after a fun paint night! (Kade is in the second row, third from the left)2017-06-13_1422.png


Let's hop into the Q&A! 

What makes you excited to come into work every day?

The number 1 reason is the people and the culture! Our office is laid back and the people here are fun, outgoing, and very caring. It’s encouraging to know people by name and talk to them on a daily basis. The second reason is that I know what we do here makes an impact for our customers and helps them succeed. Each interaction can make a small business successful. In today’s economy, few things can make or break a business and it is rewarding to be on the side that can help.


What type of work did you do before working here?

This is actually my first job out of college - I went to Colorado State University.


Ok, let’s get to some of the fun stuff. Outside of the office, what do you like to do?

I have a newborn, so a large portion of my time out of the office is spent with her. I also enjoy watching sports and playing a few, like softball and pickup basketball or going to the movies.


Editor’s Note:  This Boston fan was very happy to hear that one of Kade’s favorite teams is the Celtics! And although we didn’t see eye to eye on other teams, I let it slide. His other favorites are the LA Dodgers and the San Francisco 49ers. Also, take a look at his adorable daughter, Kennedy below.



What is your favorite local small business or nonprofit that you wish more people knew about?

Easy question, that would be The House of Neighborly Services. I first found out about them when we did an event at the office to bring in supplies for the organization. The organization itself is founded on the basis of supporting low-income individuals and families or those who have found themselves in emergency situations without enough resources. They are also a part of what is called the Life Center that houses 21 nonprofits and has become almost an epicenter for volunteer work. I have volunteered with this organization and helped them to revamp their website. I do this as a side job, where I perform consulting work helping with websites, SEO, and social media.


Editor’s Note: I also found out that while Kade’s side job may not be helping him “bring home the bacon”, it is all about helping him feel like he has made a difference. Let me explain - for all of the work that he does, in lieu of a payment for these services, he asks that the organizations he provides these services to make a donation to a nonprofit organization. How cool is that? To find out more about the House of Neighborly Services, take a look at the following links that show you who they are, what they do, and their mission statement.


What app do you use the most?

Mostly social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and SnapChat. I have also been trying to get more into using Yelp to view menus online, find local restaurants, and rate them.


If you wrote an autobiography, what would it be called?

Finally Adulting


Let’s end with a fun fact about yourself. (& Kade being an overachiever, he gave us 3)

  1. He used to be an avid bowler with a high game of 287.
  2. He participated in the regional round of the Little League World Series.
  3. Owning small businesses runs in his family. One of his grandparents owned a bar while the other owned a butcher shop and grocery store. His uncle also owns a few restaurants.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Kade. We hope that you like seeing this side of Constant Contact and our employees. We’ll be back soon with a new person to highlight.


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