Overview: Sending an Automated Email Series


With Constant Contact, there are many types of automated emails you can send, helping to save you time in the long run and stay engaged with your contacts. In addition to setting up an Automated Email Series to welcome new contacts who join your list, you can also automatically send a series of relevant, timely follow-up emails to contacts when they open or click through a specific email. Because your contacts must sign up to your list or engage with an email in order to "trigger" the automated series, they've already shown interest in your business or a specific topic and are more likely to engage with similar content.


Read on to learn more about sending an automated email series.


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Is there a way to do a resend to non-openers in an automated email series? For example, if only 1/3 opened email/step 4, can I set it up to resend email/step 4 to the other 2/3?




I can understand how helpful a resend tool like this would be for your automated series. I apologize at this time this is not an available feature. It is however a feature request I have submitted in your account to our Product Team. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with in the meantime.


Hi. I’m a northern Calif realtor and have seen some peers market statistic reports with professional branding. 

I have no idea how to pull those stats from MLS, format or import to a newsletter. Can someone consult to assist? 

I am not a tech wizard and will gladly pay for assistance.



Hi @GeoffD883 I apologize we do not have any tools or suggestions on how to export your stats from this outside program. We can however assist with inserting this export in your campaign. In fact documents can be inserted as a text link, button, or a clickable image. If this export is saved as a PDF, you can even create an email directly from your PDF.


I would like to completely delete some automated e-mails but I only get to disable them.

I like keeping my folders clean to avoid confusion.

P.S.: I cant archive them either.


Hi @IrmaM2 


Thank you for reaching out to the Community with this feedback! I apologize you do not see the option to delete or archive your automated email series. Though our archive feature is only available for email campaigns, both of these features you have mentioned are great feature requests we have tracked in your account.


How can you change the reply-to email address for an automated email already created and active? There are no contacts or emails in the queue. Additionally, there are no second steps or additional emails in the series.


Hello @Rfruster,


That's a great question. You'll have to copy that email into a new Automated series in order to make any changes to the header. Once you've done that, you can deactivate the previous one! If you have any additional questions about that process, please let us know. 


How can I edit an active series, by adding more emails to the series?  Do I have to create another all over again or can I disable it, edit it, and then re-activate it?


Hi @KristalF3 


That's a great question! I apologize, at this time being able to edit an automated series while it is active is not a feature we currently provide. It is however a feature request our Product Team is looking into. Why would you want to edit while active and what exactly you are wanting to edit? These are helpful details to have so it may be passed on to this team.


Can I set an automatic email to send to just a segment of a group instead of an entire group?


Hello @HannahP091,

At this time there is not a way to trigger an automatic email off of a segment.
You can add the segment to a list and then trigger the automatic email using the join list trigger.
You would have to update the list whenever you update the segment.


We are tracking feedback on the ability to send automated emails to segments and tags.


When I first begin an automated email campaign, let's say my trigger is set to 1 day after someone joins a list. The list I'm using already has members.


When I begin the campaign, will it begin immediately, or will it wait a day because the trigger is set to a day?


Update: I got help with this question through live support. It seems if I want existing people on the list to get it I have to run a parallel, duplicate campaign for everyone already on the list. It's not hard, though. A reasonable work-around.


Hi @AnneL215 


We're happy you received support through our Chat! We would however like to share our answers here in the Community as well. At this time, our list-join trigger for automated campaigns do not send to contacts already apart of your selected list.




Because of this, we suggest setting up the series with a new list and moving your contacts into this new list. You can also run a parallel, duplicate campaign for everyone already on the list as you have mentioned.


Hi Nick_S.


I'm currently setting up an autoseries but I need the emails to trigger x number of days before an event, rather than x number of days after the trigger.  As people will join the email list at different times, some will receive the whole series and some may only get the last few. Is there a way to schedule the emails to send in this sequence?






Hi @First-NameL29861 


That's a great question! I can understand how helpful it would be to set-up your series like this for you event. However at this time the triggers for an automated series does not have this option. This is however a feature request I would be happy to submit in your account. As a workaround you can copy these emails as separate campaigns and schedule it for the specific date of your choice. If you choose to send it at an early date, you can even manually send it to new contacts who have been added to your list through our Resend Feature. Doing this allows you to make sure the campaign is delivered at the correct time of your choice.

Is it possible to insert, as the first email in a welcome series, the CONFIRM OPTIN email, or put a button in the first email that does this ?


I have just turned on Confirmed Opt-In and now cant work out how to interface with my website as I use WPFORMS.... and it goes through my optin series but i need a button to confirm opting in to begin.


Hello @CraftingLife-WithWendy ,


Once you have turned Confirmed Opt-In on, there is an automatic email that is sent out to complete the sign up. You shouldn't need to add an Opt-In confirmation email to a series.


However, if you don't want to use Confirmed Opt-In, there is one pre-existing template in the template picker that you could add to an automated series that is for confirming opt-ins. You can search the term "opt-in" and it will show you the "CASL Permission" template. You can edit this template to address the specific reason why you are having the contact re-confirm their opt-in.