Product Update: February 2018


Welcome to the February 2018 Product Updates & Release Notes! You’ll find the major highlights from our release in February listed below. We also wanted to let you know that you can subscribe to our Product Updates! Here’s how: Go to this link and click on the Options menu at the top left. From there, if you are logged in you will see a subscribe option - this sends an email to the contact email on your account when there is a new post with a Product Update. If you have a preferred RSS reader, you can also choose to subscribe to the RSS feed and use the provided URL in the address bar. 



Changes & Updates:

  • Social Share Bar in 3GE!!! - Allows your audience to easily share your entire campaign on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Find out all of the details on how to add the buttons here. Let’s go over a few quick notes:
    • Keep in mind this is sharing your entire email campaign.
    • This is for your contacts to share your campaign on their networks.
    • The default text that appears in the share window for your audience will include your subject line and then the short URL for your campaign.
    • You can see reporting on this in your click-through reporting.
  • Bullet Formatting in 3GE - The bullets will now take on the color & size of the items in your bulleted list.
  • Email Plus Users - you can turn any campaign into an A/B Test campaign. On the Email Details page (the page where you schedule your emails) you will see a toggle next to the subject line of your campaign. For more information on A/B Testing take a look here.
    Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 11.29.36 AM.png

  • There is a new campaign status of ERROR. It will show in red text in your campaign list to let you know if there were any issues sending your campaign. To help make ERROR stand out more the color of the DRAFT status of your campaign was changed to dark gray.
  • Template Changes:
    • New Templates: Patriotic Card, New You Yoga, New You Fitness, Valentine’s Day Promo, & Valentine’s Day Greeting
    • Updated Templates: Menu Update, Product Sale, Trade News (replaced Industry Update), & Modern Newsletter (replaced Long Newsletter)

You Asked, We Delivered:

  • Personalize your subject lines in your 3GE Campaigns! - You can include contact details in your subject lines, like First Name, Company Name, or any of your custom fields. Before digging any deeper, this does require you to use some code snippets, so please make sure to read through our article carefully to ensure that you follow all the necessary steps.  Here’s what you need to know:
    • You can use standard contact details (think first and last name, address, company name) or custom fields. See our FAQ for the code to add to your subject line.
    • You should select a fallback option - this displays if the field is blank for the contact.
    • In order to test this out, you will need to schedule your email (aka a “live send”) as this will not appear in any test emails.
  • Ability to add in special characters to your 3GE campaigns. If you want to add in symbols like an em-dash, a Trademark or Copyright symbol, the curly quotes that you see in word processing programs, or letters with accents you now can! In order to get these into your campaigns, copy the symbols from another program and paste them into a block.
  • When you copy an email campaign, the list you had sent the email to is no longer copied with the campaign. This means when you get to the schedule page, you will need to select the list that you want to send to.

Coming Soon:

  • Shopify Action Block! - On top of the integration we have in place for your contacts, we are making it easier for you to add products from your store directly into your campaign!
  • The ability to style the Social Share Bar icons. The style options will be similar to the ones you can use for the Social Icons to direct your audience to your social accounts.
  • Ability to send emails to segments of your list. This will allow you to create segments right in your account - like contacts who were added to your account or contacts who opened any email and then select a timeframe.
  • Increasing the limit on how far back you can go to resend an email. The current timeframe is any email that was originally sent within the past 85 days.
  • Updates to our Mobile App allowing you to add contacts by scanning business cards or directly uploading from your device.
  • Our Knowledge Base is getting a refresh! In an effort to make sure you get the information you need, our team has been hard at work making sure you have easy access to all of our resources, from articles, to video tutorials, to guides.

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