Product Updates: January 2018 [Discussion]


New year, new updates! From updates to our automation feature to the ability to add dynamic content into your campaign, we started off 2019 with a bang! Read the full product update here.


Which update was your favorite? Have any questions about what's new in your account? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think.

I am extremely disappointed in CC as I have discussed with your sales reps 2 times in the pass 6 months . on the past saturday I had the problem again. I called support & found out that you had problems with engineering or software. My problem is that I send email to my subscribers with an attachment that has data in it. I charge for that report to about 100 subscribers . Not a large company but when I send the reports out I get calls & many emails that I attached the wrong attachment. Wrong date & completely wrong report.It is again embarrassing that I have resend report after report some times. I have taken to sending myself a copy of every report so I can see what I send, that way I can start the correction process. I would think that you could at be honest with previous calls that you had a problem. I do know that for the $700. a year I would expect a better service. The first 2 service calls I made the only tried to upsell your service. I hope that comes to a halt. Rich Frantz 574 277 3181

Hi @RichF1 


I can understand how important it is for the correct information to be sent to the right contacts. Thank you for sharing these details with us, it has definitely helped us to understand what you are experiencing. In fact I apologize this is happening with your emails! I would however be happy to help look into this further for you. Please email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username, the name of your campaign, and any contact examples you may have.