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Did you attend the "Plan Your Email Marketing in 15 Minutes or Less" workshop?  If not that's ok, we have the recording right here for you! The Virtual Workshop "timeline" was shared, going over the different steps for the Email Marketing Core, with "plan" being the first step.




During the first workshop, there was a multitude of questions that our team was asked. We wanted to take a moment to post some of the top questions (& answers) that were posed to our team. 


Q: I would like a simple, organized way of planning so anyone in the office can follow it (we don't have a dedicated marketing staffer)

A: This is a fantastic question! The strategy we’ve laid out is designed so that anyone can follow the email marketing plan at any time of the year, in any departmental capacity. You add as much or as little information to your calendar as you need so use it to make sure everyone can follow along.


Q: Can I use this approach to create a longer term email marketing plan?

A: Another great question. If you have a longer-term vision, that’s fantastic! This plan will work no matter how far out you plan your marketing campaigns. The key is to use a calendar to keep track of everything you have planned. Use the worksheets we provided to guide you along, and stretch it out as far as you need to.  


Q: How can I create a schedule I can stick to?

A: The key to creating a schedule you can stick to is to be realistic about what you can accomplish. If you are a slim staff, maybe you want to pare down how many campaigns you run in a month or a quarter. If your goal is to communicate more consistently this year with your subscribers, plan to send something every month, even if it is just an informational email. Throw in a holiday campaign or a campaign surrounding an important date for your business, and you’ll have an approachable plan that you can stick to. The worst thing you could do would be to over-plan and not be able to follow-through with that plan which would be discouraging. So stick to something reasonable yet appropriately challenging and you’ll be able to stick to your annual email marketing plan.


Q: I’d like to be able to compose my emails quicker and be able to automate my marketing. Any suggestions?

A (Part 1): We’ll actually be covering this in our next webinar when we discuss how to create a reusable template that you can use every time you want to whip up an email so be sure to register for that. However, in regards to what we discussed today: This approach to your email marketing will also help you save significant time because it will require less brainstorming and rushing around each month. You’ll know exactly what you’ll be sending each month, you’ll know when you’re sending those campaigns in a given month, so the process as a whole will take significantly less time.


A (Part 2): As for automation, I urge you to check out our blog for tips on automating your emails. With Constant Contact you do have the ability to schedule your emails far in advance so if you want to get things done ahead of time this is certainly doable.


Do you have a different question about planning your email marketing?  Post in the comments below!  


Don't forget to check out more in the workshop series that our Content team is putting on, you don't want to miss out on these great educational webinars! 

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Does CC have the capabiltiy of creaating a registration for an event that will have several workshop options for participants to chosse? My event will offer 10 different workshops that participants will have option to choose their top 2. How could I create this on the registration page in a campaign?


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Hello @carolineW608. You can create your workshops as items for your event. This way, your registrants can choose what workshops they would like to attend and you can also put a limit as to how many spots are open for each workshop! This FAQ provides a little more information on how to use items in your event.