Release Notes: July 2017



Changes & Updates:

  • NEW!! - We now have a Shopify Integration in product! You can get access to this currently through the notifications center (the bell icon at the top of your account). We’re working on creating a tab in the navigation bar to gain access too, so be on the lookout for that coming soon! Please note, this integration is a part of the Email Plus package. For information on how to set this up, find the steps here. Here are a few important things to know about the integration:
    • Once a shop is connected, lists start syncing immediately. They are also resynced nightly.
    • If you edit a list, the sync may undo your changes since it happens daily - think renaming a list, removing lists, adding or removing contacts.
  • Two big updates around inserting images in our Third Generation Editor (3GE)!  
    • You can drag and drop images into your campaign directly from the Images tab on the left side of the editing window.
    • If you open up the insert image window, there is now a shiny new (and now more consistent) look!  There is a search box on this window, making it even easier for you to find just the right image for your campaign. See the new design below.
  • We have removed our Salesforce Integration from the Marketplace. If you are currently using this integration, it will still work; however, going forward there will be no updates. We recommend taking a look at the integration from Cazoomi if you want to integrate your Salesforce instance with your Constant Contact account.

You Asked, We Delivered:

Coming Soon:

  • Ability to schedule and add draft campaigns to your active Autoresponder series without needing to turn off the series.  

Other Resources: