Release Notes: March 2017


Changes & Updates


  • Changing the Background Color of a Block in the Third-Generation Editor.

    Highlight different parts of your email by easily changing the background color of a block! Click the gear wheel, then the paint can and choose a color from the palette or enter in your own hex code by clicking "More Colors".





  • Changing the Background Color and Pattern of an Email in the Third-Generation Editor

    Everyone needs some color in their life. That includes your email! We've made it easy to change the background color and pattern of your email. Read more about this update here in our Community!


  • New Help Panel

    No more having to leave your account to search for one of our helpful articles! We have put in a new Help Panel in your account that allows you to browse relevant articles without going to a separate web page. All you have to do is click the question mark in the top right corner of your account. Want to read the articles in a larger format? Just click "Open in New Tab" link at the top of the article.




  • Matching Contact Fields During Upload

    If your file has headings at the top of each column that match the standard contact fields in your account, like First Name or Email Address, we will match them for you during the contact upload process. It's one way we're making things a little easier for you.




Is there an update listed here that you think will improve your experience with using Constant Contact? I personally love being able to change the background color of blocks now. We want to hear feedback from you! Let us know in the comments below what update you're excited about or what you would like to see in a future product update.


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