Release Notes: November 2017



Welcome to the November 2017 Release Notes! You’ll find the major highlights from our release in November listed below and you can find a list of other smaller updates and fixes here.


Changes & Updates:

  • A/B Testing is rolling out to all customer accounts! This is a new campaign type, meaning you will need to click to create a new campaign when wanting to A/B test. This is how it functions- you will create one campaign and test two different subject lines for it. You set the percentage of how much of your list will be included in the test, and whichever campaign “wins” (i.e. has better open rates) will then send to the remainder of the contacts on that list. Find out more about this here. Keep in mind that this is still in Beta (read: testing). Please make sure to submit any feedback you have about this new campaign type so we can finish the product with your thoughts in mind.
  • You can use Social Share on your A/B Test campaigns, too!
  • View as webpage now available in 3GE - a highly requested feature that we are happy to release! This is now available to add to any block of your campaign through the insert link drop down. When you add this option the link defaults to standard style for links (blue, underlined text). You can style the link, though! Just make sure to select the newly inserted {View as Webpage} text and style to match your campaign. Find out more here. 

  • When using the Marketing Calendar view, you can now create a new email or copy from an existing email. We will also pre-select the date that you selected from the calendar on the schedule page for you. For example, if you click on December 30th and choose to create a new email to promote an end of the year sale, December 30 will be selected on the schedule page of your campaign.  Find out more about the marketing calendar here

  • New integration with Office 365! This integration imports all of your contacts to a list of your choosing. Find the new feature in the Integrations tab in your account. You can also read some step by step instructions on how to use the integration here.
  • Templates!  We’ve created some new templates and refreshed the design on a few others for you. Take a look at our list below:


Christmas Card

Winter Holiday Card

Educational Event

Green Newsletter

Retail/Services Update

Celebración de Navidad

Tarjeta de Navidad

Feliz Navidad


Feedback Request

Event Feedback Request


Image Focus Newsletter


You Asked, We Delivered:

  • Text Styling Options! You can now add superscript, subscript, and strikethrough text into your 3GE campaigns. In order to see these options, click the down arrow next to the Underline in the toolbar. The below image shows you the various text styling options available to you.

  • You can now see special characters in the subject lines of your test emails. This means that any emojis or international characters can be tested easily, just like your campaign content, without needing to schedule a send to yourself or a test list.
  • Whether you are paying tribute to your home state, or simply prefer this elegant serif font, after fixing a small hiccup, you are now free to use the Georgia font as much as you would like!
  • If you ran into the error message “Property ‘alt’ must be of type string…” when attempting to edit your emails, our engineering teams have fixed this. You should no longer see the error at the top of your campaign.
  • We made a few improvements to the Autoresponder flow around pausing a series and what you can or cannot do when it is paused. Take a look:
    • Ensured that when a series is paused, contacts who should be getting the first email of a series are queued up and emails are sent once the series goes active again. We also made sure that this does not cause issues with the rest of the series when you pause part of a series.
    • You can now unschedule an email whether a series is active or paused.
  • Fixed an issue where the Welcome Email in some accounts was stuck loading.  You are now free to edit your welcome email to ensure your new contacts feel appreciated.  

Coming Soon:

  • Recurring Donations are coming to the Donations Action block!
  • In an effort to help get you the help and support you need faster and more efficiently, you will soon have the ability to start a chat with a member of our support team from the Help Panel in your account.

In an effort to give our customers more information about our regular releases, we are adding a PDF link with additional details. This PDF will show you some of the more technical details around our release and some of the smaller, but still impactful, items. Take a look at the list for November here.


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