Release Notes: October 2017


Welcome to the October 2017 Release Notes!October_2017_Release.png

Changes & Updates: 

  • New Sign Up Forms! You heard that right, we have some new sign up forms for you to use. The sign up forms are easier to use, so all you have to do is enter one snippet of code on your site, and any future changes to your form are automatically updated on your site. We have two types of forms available, inline and popup. Depending on your account package, you will be able to edit things like the timing of the pop-up and remove the branding on the form.
  • On the Reporting page, you can now select specific campaigns to export the results to a CSV file.

  • Updates to Marketing Calendar:
    • You can now search for month/year by clicking on the month at the top of the calendar view. 

    • If you are looking at the quick status of an email from the calendar view, you will now see a thumbnail of the campaign and clicking on this thumbnail opens up the preview of your campaign. 

  • Changes to inserting links in your campaigns.
    • Link button now has a dropdown to allow you to select what type of link you want to enter: web page, email, or document. This means you no longer need to select the link type in the insert link window, you can choose the type before entering the link. When you want to edit or remove the link, you will see this as part of the drop down menu.
    • You can now enable click segmentation. What does that mean? You can choose to put anyone who clicks on a link on a contact list. So, what can you do with this you ask?  Here are a couple of ideas - you can use clicks as triggers to enable an autoresponder series, segment your contacts by self-selected interests (like specific products or services), or create lists based off of audience interests to send more targeted emails. 

  • The Alexa skill for Constant Contact is here. Take a look and enable it on your Alexa device today! Ask Alexa how your latest campaign is doing and get marketing tips. For instructions on how to enable the skills take a look here.

You Asked, We Delivered:

  • Social Share - The image you select to be shared with your post on Facebook will be the image shared to Facebook.
  • When copying/pasting from Word the font size sometimes did not carry over. We’ve updated our system so the font size remains the same when you paste your text.
  • When choosing to enter account details into your campaign, the option to add your website is now available.

Coming Soon:

  • A/B Testing for all accounts!
  • View as a web page in our 3rd generation editor (3GE) - all based off of your feedback! 
  • Extra text editing options, like superscript and subscript, along with the ability to strikethrough your text. 
  • A 5-Column block in 3GE. When you want to add in navigation type links or small product/service images, you’ll be able to easily add them and make them look perfectly aligned across all devices.
  • Ability to remove an Autoresponder campaign while a series is running, without needing to pause the series.
  • Any contacts due to receive your Autoresponder series when it’s paused will be queued. When you make the campaign live again, the contacts that were queued will be sent your emails.

In an effort to give our customers more information around our regular releases, we are adding a PDF link with additional details. This PDF will show you some of the more technical details around our release and some of the smaller, but still impactful, items. Take a look at the list for October here.

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