Release Notes: September 2017


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Welcome to the September 2017 Release Notes! Here’s what's new, delivered, and coming soon for the past month. 

Changes & Updates:

  • Using a Read More Block?  You can now resize your image!  Just click and drag the arrows in the bottom right corner of the image. 

  • You can now insert Account Details into your campaigns, just like you can insert Contact Details. When editing a Text Block, you can click the Insert Drop-down and choose Account Details.
  • We mentioned this in August’s Release Notes, and wanted to address a couple of quick things about the ability to drag & drop images directly from your desktop/computer. Reminder: You can now drag your images directly into your campaign, you no longer need to upload it to the library first. Important notes:
    • In order to drag your images into your campaign you need to drop the image into an image placeholder or drop it over an existing image in your campaign.
    • Your images will be uploaded to your library so you can easily add them to other campaigns.

You Asked, We Delivered:

    • 3-Column Layout in 3GE Campaigns! Wait, what?! Let me say that again - there is now a 3-Column block you can add into your 3GE campaigns! You’ll find it in the Build Menu section of your emails. Please note, you cannot drag content into a 2-column layout to add a third column, you will need to add in the 3 column layout block from the Build Menu on the left side of the screen, then add your content to the new layout.  

      Editor’s Note: Technically, this was released in October, but it was live by the time that we posted this article. Since this was such a highly requested feature, we wanted to let you know as soon as it was available!
  • Now Fixed: If you pasted in double-spaced text from a word processor into your block, you could not change the spacing in our editor (3GE).  

Coming Soon:

  • An Alexa App! You will soon be able to add Constant Contact as a skill for Alexa. You will be able to ask “How is my campaign doing?” to get stats on your latest campaign and get marketing tips by saying “Give me a marketing tip.”

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