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Release Notes: September 2017


Community Release - Sep 2017.png
Welcome to the September 2017 Release Notes! Here’s what's new, delivered, and coming soon for the past month. 

Changes & Updates:

  • Using a Read More Block?  You can now resize your image!  Just click and drag the arrows in the bottom right corner of the image. 

  • You can now insert Account Details into your campaigns, just like you can insert Contact Details. When editing a Text Block, you can click the Insert Drop-down and choose Account Details.
  • We mentioned this in August’s Release Notes, and wanted to address a couple of quick things about the ability to drag & drop images directly from your desktop/computer. Reminder: You can now drag your images directly into your campaign, you no longer need to upload it to the library first. Important notes:
    • In order to drag your images into your campaign you need to drop the image into an image placeholder or drop it over an existing image in your campaign.
    • Your images will be uploaded to your library so you can easily add them to other campaigns.

You Asked, We Delivered:

    • 3-Column Layout in 3GE Campaigns! Wait, what?! Let me say that again - there is now a 3-Column block you can add into your 3GE campaigns! You’ll find it in the Build Menu section of your emails. Please note, you cannot drag content into a 2-column layout to add a third column, you will need to add in the 3 column layout block from the Build Menu on the left side of the screen, then add your content to the new layout.  

      Editor’s Note: Technically, this was released in October, but it was live by the time that we posted this article. Since this was such a highly requested feature, we wanted to let you know as soon as it was available!
  • Now Fixed: If you pasted in double-spaced text from a word processor into your block, you could not change the spacing in our editor (3GE).  

Coming Soon:

  • An Alexa App! You will soon be able to add Constant Contact as a skill for Alexa. You will be able to ask “How is my campaign doing?” to get stats on your latest campaign and get marketing tips by saying “Give me a marketing tip.”

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For the past several weeks, I have been having a problem dragging and dropping items.  They do not drop where I want them at all.  It's very frustrating.  It used to take me 15 minutes or less to create a newsletter and now it takes me almost an hour!  Not sure what happened, but if anyone has any ideas - please let me know.  I went with Constant Contact because it was so easy to use and such a time saver.  I am no longer saving time.


Hello @LisaB6910. I'm sorry to hear that you have had trouble using our drag-and-drop editor to create your emails. As you drag blocks into your email, there is a magenta line that appears and this is where the block will land once you let go of the mouse. We have created a short video for our customers that shows how to use the drag-and-drop editor and I hope that it will be useful for you. We'll be here if you have any more questions!


I've been using this for quite awhile and typically it works for the about a month now.  It doesn't work correctly.  The magenta line does not appear where I want to drop and drag it or even close to where I want to drag and drop.  I produce weekly newsletters.  (Have done so since Sept 2016 to Oct 2017 with no problem.)  This week I created two divider lines.  I wanted to move my text book between those lines.  Did not work.  No magenta line.  I am using Chrome.  I am going to try it in Internet Explorer to see if that helps.  It's really frustrating!


Hi @LisaB6910


I’m so sorry you are having trouble with the magenta line not appearing. I understand how important it is to easily use the editor. Switching browsers is a great idea! You can also try going into Safe Mode on your browser to see if that helps as well.


I hope this helps! If the issue persists, please email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username, email campaign name, and a reference to this post and we will investigate further.


Thank you!