Searching Simplified


Searching for campaigns just got easier! Our developers recently launched a new pagination feature that goes beyond the existing Sort options when searching for a specific campaign. While many customers found sorting to be helpful, the new Page controls allow you to page through by moving forward and back, or quickly access a specific page. This means less scrolling to find that particular campaign! Let’s take a look…

On the Campaigns tab the new pagination controls are available at the top and bottom of the page:







You can navigate with the current page display and use the previous/next page controls, or enter the page number you want to jump to. There’s also the option to adjust the display for 10, 20 or 40 campaigns:






Let us know if the new pagination feature saves you time! And remember, by giving your campaign a unique and meaningful internal name (your contacts do not see this), you make it easier to find it again when you need to.