Style Text Using the Third-Generation Editor [Discussion]


You've chosen your template, but now you need to make it look more like your brand, including the text styles.


Starting at the template level is the quickest way to apply text styles, but you can also update individual blocks with different styles for contrast or emphasis.


We recently updated the editor to include bullets, numbers, and line spacing! Learn more about how to style text using the Third-Generation Editor. 

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Please give users access to the html editor! This new third generation editor has serious limitations. It's probably great for the small business user who doesn't know html email coding, however for those of us who do, who are managing the companies html email campaigns this new 3rd generation is extremely limiting, that and your template system sometimes causes chaos and you have to click the undo or scrap it altogether and redo hoping the glitches don't pop up again. Where as if we had access to the html editor we could fix the errant code....


Now the new photo editor, thats been showing issues. When I upload a photo and have to rotate it, your editor is squishing the photos, not in proportion. So now i'm spending extra steps modifying the photos in photoshop, then uploading. As a web designer and programmer it absolutely pains me using this new editor. Also we've come across some templates are not displaying properly across latest version of Chrome on both mac and pc when users have gmail accounts. 


Hi @ScienceFun


Thank you for sharing your feedback on our templates and image editor! While we're not currently looking to incorporate HTML access to the editor, we are however working to add features that would accomplish these similar goals. What exactly are you looking to accomplish through HTML coding? Having examples of this can allow us to assist further and submit to the appropriate teams.


As for your experience with our image editor, we are still making changes and improvements to the image editor since it's so new. What are some of the images you're seeing these changes when rotating them? After testing this in my own account I was unable to replicate this same experience. Are your images larger than 600 pixels wide? What is a campaign that is not displaying correctly? Are you seeing changes in your images, or your text? We would be happy to  help troubleshoot this further for you.

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More control over fonts, perhaps give us access to use google webfonts, to specify font size rather then the predetermined sizes, maybe a 36 is to small but the 48 just a little to big, maybe a 42 would work but I don't see a way of manipulating a specific font size. I like that line height is an option and while 4 line height options are available and will work in almost all cases can't change that but that's less important. 


On occasion lately when I'm editing say a button and using the editor to change the color of the button it changes the color of the body section behind the type, but that change cannot be found in settings and can't see the code to see why it happened or to fix it, and clicking undo that doesn't take the body color change away, only option is to go back to campaigns and start over. And this does not happen all the time so harder to explain the when and why, Next time it occurs I'll take a screen shot. I know trying to solve a problem is to reproduce it, so apologies in advance about this. So now I save each time before making color changes to anything.


Wish all possible modules available to 3rd generation editor was available regardless of what template is being used, or if a generic template is being used. If you have some templates that a ribbon across the body section as a divider is an option, make it a module option for all. If I choose a template for a vision but a partner wants to add this ribbon like feature I have to start new with a template that has that or tell the partner I can't do that because it's not an option with this template. There are modules for 2, and 3 column setup, but not for more. 


The photo editor issue just has arisen since the new photo editor has gone live. Before I'd upload an image and if the image came in horizontal I'd click to rotate vertical and then i'd scale in proportion to size I needed all was good.. But since the new photo editor this process has given me issues, when I rotate the image to vertical it doesn't just turn the photo, it's been turning the photo and scaling out of proportion making the kids look squished and distorted... So I have been manipulating each photo in photoshop and sizing the image to close to spec sizes I'll be using in the email, just extra steps and more time. I am not sure if I am the only one to have come across this issue, but thought it was worth mentioning. And will continue using Photoshop before uploading the photos for email use. 


The template was one that the body section was a little more narrow then the width of the headers and footers, this was to take in for the drop shadow and the cta ribbon that stretched the body section and looked like it wrapped around the body of the email, nice feature and look, but when testing in Chrome on some mac and windows machines, those grey graphic sections that went past and wrapped behind look with the additional graphic look was showing as broken. We chose to use a template that didn't have that module feature at that time. 




Hello @ScienceFun,


Thank you for all of that feedback, that's exactly what we need to be able to pass on to our design team!


I've tracked your requests, though some of what your describing is admittedly the system not functioning as designed, and we have a few work-around options that might help in the mean-time.


The 'Layout' section in all newly created campaigns should have a layout for 5 column blocks, towards the bottom of the layouts.  If you're seeing only the 3 column layout, you may be using one of the first templates that we released in the new editor, creating a new one should resolve that.


The background color changing randomly is something we're currently tracking down, though it's sporadic, so we haven't found the exact cause yet.  If you click the 'gear' icon to the right of a block, you can then move over to the paint-can, and change the background color manually back to what it was.  Here's some screenshots to help find those buttons, so that you don't have to reload the whole campaign.


If you find something in the new editor, I believe that it's usually because either it's so niche that it's unlikely to be used in other templates (Like the school-bus template) or it's one more way of us testing something before putting it into a large number of other templates.  The more that various features are used, and/or broken, the more information the development team has to improve the system.


The image resize issue you've described seems to be far more common in the legacy templates, but it does seem to be just a display issue.  If you go to the 'library' tab from the top of your screen, and make your edits there before you insert the images into the campaign, that should prevent the issue from happening.  Editing in photoshop first of course guarantees a slightly higher quality image, so there's really nothing wrong with that either if you have the time for it.


For the very last one, I'm not actually seeing any other reports about that wrapped-around banner being broken. If you can email us with your username, and the campaign name that came out broken like that, we'd like to look into it further.  Just email that info to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com along with a reference to this post.


Thank you again for all of your help in tracking down these problems, and helping us make the system even better!


I'm trying to add a signature at the bottom of my email, and I want it to be single spaced. When I use the option "1" it is NOT single spaced, it's double spaced. How do I insert a signature that is single spaced? I'm finding Constant Contact to be less than user friendly for those of us who are not tech savvy at all. I want easy! This...not so much. Help!

Hello @GinaR521,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! If you are copying and pasting your text into the newsletter, you may want to try typing it in manually to prevent any extra line spacing. If you are typing it in manually and your text is still double spaced, click on this helpful article here to see how to edit the line spacing and change it from double space to single space. 

Thanks for the suggestion, @Zoe-H. However, I was not copying/pasting text, I was typing it manually into the email. I did change the text from double space to single space as the article instructed, but unfortunately the spacing was definitely NOT single space. I did find a work-around, though, and instead of dragging over a new text box, I used a box with an image block in it and deleted the image block. When I "returned" text in that box, the spacing was single. I think this may be a glitch in Constant Contact and someone needs to check it out. The "1" in spacing does NOT revert to single spacing!!

Hello @GinaR521,


Thank you for that information! I apologize that the line spacing feature was not working as you wanted it to. I am glad that you found a workaround, but we would like to do some more research on why the original feature is not working. Would you mind emailing us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot) a description of your issue, a screenshot of your issue, and the exact title of the newsletter this is happening in? Thank you! 


I am trying to add multiple spaces between words in a heading and it seems to be adjusted each time and removes any multiple spaces.  For instance, I would like to have a heading with date formatted as such: 

M A R C H  3 1 ,  2 0 1 9


Each time, the system adjusts the multiple spaces between "March" and "31" as well as the two spaces between the comma and the year.  Is there a way to force multiple spaces?


Hello @MattS651,


I completely understand why you would like to force multiple spaces in between your letters in your header. I apologize but at the moment we do not have a way to hard code those spaces inside of a newsletter. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Something you may be able to try is holding down the Ctrl and Shift keys as you press the Spacebar. That might insert a space in between your letters that won't break.