Suspended Bounce Category Overview


When you send an email to the same Non-Existent address, it can end up negatively impacting your overall deliverability. To help you monitor these types of email addresses, we have created the Suspended bounce category


To better explain this category, when an email address bounces as Non-Existent they are then placed on a temporary hold for 15 days. Our system will not try to send any campaigns to this email address from any Constant Contact account. If an account does attempt to send to one of these Non-Existent addresses, the email address will then be included in the bounced reporting as a Suspended bounce.


After the temporary hold is lifted, we will then allow sending to that address the next time any account sends a campaign to it. If it bounces as non-existent again, that email address will then be placed on an indefinite hold and will show as Suspended moving forward.


Constant Contact promises not to edit any of your contacts within your account, so we will not automatically remove these addresses from the account. Because of this, you will want to manage these bounces by either fixing the address or removing it. If you find you do have questions about a particular contact bouncing back as Non-Existent or Suspended, you can always give our Deliverability team a call to discuss what steps you should take next.