Tagging contacts in your account to send targeted emails


Looking for a way to better target your emails, or segment your lists to more effectively market to your contacts? We’ve got just the thing for you! In our new 3rd Generation Editor, we’ve recently rolled out an update that allows you to use tags to narrow your lists into more specific groups of contacts. Are you a pet shop struggling with bird food sales? This update will help you target just the bird owners on your list, making it easier for them to get the information you want them to see!  Here’s how it works: Whenever you’re uploading a list of contacts to your account, on the final step of the upload process you can use the “add tags” option to tag those contacts before you put them into your newsletter list.
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This way, you don’t have to create a brand new list for each subcategory of your customer base. “But Brandon, what if I want to send an email to everyone on my list EXCEPT the bird owners? (Everyone knows those bird owners can be a little sensitive when the email isn’t about their animal.)” Never fear, we also have the “exclude” option when using tags! So when you want to send an email about pet food being on sale but you’re fresh out of bird food, you can exclude the bird owners so they don’t receive an email that doesn’t pertain to them. When it comes time to schedule your email, after selecting your list, simply click “narrow by tag” and then choose whether you would like to INCLUDE or EXCLUDE that tag from the list you’re sending to. (Click here for one of our help articles that provides a walkthrough of this process if you’d like to save it for your own reference).

And that’s it! Segmenting your lists and targeting your email to a specific group of contacts can be a great help in improving your open rate, so try it out sometime and see what kind of results you get!

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Hello - I don't see this option when I am sending my campaign. I really need this feature because I am trying to send an important email out to a large group of our customers and need to suppress certain contacts from the list.  Thank you!


@Freeman_Audio_Visual We have rolled out the new limit by tag feature. However, this feature has been disabled for accounts that have more than 10,000 contacts. We found that using the limit by tag feature with that many contacts put too much stress on our servers. We are currently looking to see if we can implement a fix for this to help our larger list users. In the meantime, you can add the contacts you want to send to to their own email list. You can then schedule an email to go directly to that email list. 

Health Practitioners & Centers

Hi. I can only find Limit by Tag after I select my lists (under 5000 on lists). Does that mean only those with the Tag name will be included in the send or will those with the Tag name be excluded from the send?


Good feature if I can get it sorted.







When you are getting ready to send out the email, you select the email lists you want the email to go to, and "Limit By Tag" means the email will send to send to everyone on the lists you selected EXCEPT the people you tagged. The tags will not receive the email. I hope this helps!


Are contacts able to edit (add/remove) their own tags? Or can that only be done by us admins?


Hello @AdamR932,


Great question! You are correct only those who have access to your Constant Contact account can add/remove tags from a contact. Contacts will be none the wiser as to which tags they might be on. 


EXCLUDE by tag option is available. I can choose list(s), then have the email sent only to contacts in those lists WITH a certain tag, but it's more useful for me to be able to send the email to everyone BUT those with that tag . I only have 4500 or so contacts. 




Being able to exclude contacts by tag, so you can send to everyone on the list except those tagged is not a feature we currently provide so I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. I’d be happy to pass along your feedback for this request to our developers. What I do recommend as a work around for this is to create a list with the contacts you want to email, minus those with the tag.

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Can you add two tags per client? (If you want to send the email out to those who have a dog and a cat, but not others?


Hi @NanM11!


You sure can add two (or more) tags per contact, so if they were interested in both Cats and Dogs, but not Birds, you could make a targeted campaign to both the Dog and Cat tags when sending. Bear in mind, though the contact would have both tags, when sending out the email to the two tags, that contact would still only get one copy of the email. It would not get duplicated.


Gwendolyn B
Customer Engagement Specialist