The Challenges, Myths, & Realities of Family Businesses



National Mom & Pop Business Owner's Day is March 29th!  In celebration, our teams wanted to delve into these businesses and find out more information about them. 


Mom & Pop businesses are at the heart of American culture. And we know that keeping your small business running is not easy. In fact, being a family business can make things even harder. 


We found five common challenges that family businesses face and how you can overcome them. 


One big problem is facing burnout. With a family run business, your family is in the business with you. While this can be great, it also makes things a little tough when trying to find a work - life balance. One of our customers found the solution to this problem by delegating. With being able to trust other employees on important tasks, you can help to take some of the stress off your shoulders. 


Want the other four common challenges? Head on over to our blog to read the article. 


What about the Myths & Realities? Take a look at our infographic below! 




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