Three Reasons Why You Should Use Email Marketing Year Round


The holidays have come and gone. For many seasonal businesses, this means the rush of shoppers has decreased as well. Instead of turning off the lights and waiting for spring, make your email marketing work for you during the offseason. This is your chance to keep your business or organization at the front of your contacts’ minds and build a stronger relationship with your customers.


So why should you not shut down your Constant Contact account during the offseason?

1. Keep the Conversation Going


Turning off your email marketing may seem cost-effective but you don’t want to lose out on starting and continuing conversations with your customers. Check out our 30 Email Ideas for When You’re Not Sure What to Send guide. Send out a quick poll or survey to see what your contacts are thinking about. Make your contacts excited to receive your emails and you will have them coming back once your doors are ready to reopen.


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2. Grow and Maintain Your List


Don’t let your list stay buried under snow piles, waiting for spring or whenever business starts to bloom again. Included in your Constant Contact account are easy to use sign-up tools to help grow your lists and gain new contacts. Create a branded landing page or install a pop-up form on your website so visitors can stay in the know. Want to collect new sign-ups offline? Use our text-to-join tool!


When you start growing your list, it’s also important to make sure you are maintaining the list as well and emailing those who want to hear from you. Taking time to clean your contact list will pay off in the long run and help you to not be overwhelmed when your business starts back up.


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3. Take Advantage of Automation


What happens all year round? Birthdays and anniversaries! Acknowledging your contact’s special days even when you’re not around to celebrate keeps your business (again) in the front of their mind. The best part is that these types of campaigns are automated, requiring no extra work from you beyond setting it up and creating the schedule.


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Now that you know why you should keep your account open, it’s time to get to work and start creating your offseason plan. How do you engage with your contacts if you have a seasonal business? We would love to hear your ideas!