Upcoming Changes to Contacts With Multiple Email Addresses


Hello Constant Contact Community!


Constant Contact has recently made changes to our contact management system and we removed the ability to create contacts with multiple email addresses. We have made this change because of some confusion and issues that some customers were experiencing when working with these types of contacts and to also simplify your contact management experience. Starting in January 2017, we will be splitting these contacts so each email address will become its own contact. Now, you may have a few questions if this change is going to affect you and we are here to answer those questions!


How does this change impact my contact count?
Any contact with more than one email address will be separated into multiple contacts. This may result in the number of active contacts in your account rising. However, these newly created contacts will not result in a price change, even if you were to cross into a new contacts tier. 


What's the billing impact of this change?
We want to make this as easy as possible for our customers, so we have made sure that there will be no immediate billing impact as a result of this change. Although you may have a higher number of active contacts in your account, they will not be counted towards your invoice or billable contact count. The newly created contacts will be discounted from your total billable contact count indefinitely.



John currently has 450 active contacts. Once his contacts are separated, he will now have 525 active contacts. Usually, this would move him into a higher contact tier level and he would be paying more. However, because of the change, John would only be billed for the 450 active contacts. The only way he would be charged more is if he added in new contacts that would bring him into the 501-2,500 contact tier level.


Are my contacts on the same lists that they were on before?
Yes. Each new contact has the same contact information and list memberships. 


What do I have to do?
Nothing! These contacts have the same lists, same contact information, and don't count towards your bill so nothing needs to be done on your part.




For a visual, this is what contacts with multiple email addresses look in like in accounts at the moment:




This is what the contact will look like when it has been separated:




If you have any questions about the changes coming to your contacts, please let us know! You can comment on this post or get in touch with our support team here.