Updates to the RSVP Block Landing Page in the Third-Generation Editor


You may have heard of this great action block in our 3GE editor called the RSVP block. It's a simple way to collect RSVPs to an event your small business or nonprofit is hosting, especially if it's something small where you only need a head count. Recently, there has been an update to the landing page that displays when a person goes to RSVP for your event, but isn't on your contact list. People will see this new landing page when you publicly share the URL through a Social Share post or include the link to your campaign on your webpage. 


Now when someone RSVPs to your event from a public link, they will see this landing page:




Once they fill in this information, they will see a success message:




Easy, right? Keep in mind that while these contacts won't be automatically added to any of your lists, you can export the contacts from the reporting for the RSVP block and add them to a list. 


As always, if you have any questions, feel free to let us know by commenting here or posting in our Community!