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Sometime in November, Google changed how mass mailings are handled at the recipient end. Instead of our emails ending up in the InBox of Gmail users, they now go to the promotions folder. We had averaged an open rate in the high 40s, now it's in the 20s because many of our members don't see the emails in their InBox.


This defeats much of what we've accomplished in the past with Constant Contact. 


We at The Church on the Cape in Cape Porpoise, Maine, urge Constant Contact to inform Google that their new procedure is counterproductive.


Do let us know if there is a resolution of this issue.


William Lord - Communications

The Church on the Cape

Cape Porpoise, Maine 



CTCT Employee

Hello @wlord123,


I assure you, that you are no the only organization who has had a similar experience. While we of course will continue working with all email providers, it would be best to mention your displeasure with this feature directly to Google's support teams.  There are a few ways to ensure that your email makes it to people's inboxes, but the most effective by far is to have them add your 'from' email address to their actual contact list.  Gmail will often automatically remember people you've emailed frequently, so many users do not bother with adding companies to their contact lists.  If they do add you though, that should more effectively ensure that your emails do go to the inbox, rather than the Promotions tab.

Occasional Visitor

thank you sir