What to do with Role Addresses?


“A clean home is a happy home,” and the same can be said about your contact list. Your contacts are growing and like any growing thing they need to be cleaned and maintained. A great way to have a sparkling list is to remove all role addresses. Role addresses are distribution email addresses that go to multiple recipients.  Because more than one person monitors these inboxes, they tend to have a higher than average spam rate. One person will sign up to receive emails and when the email comes in, another person reviews it and can marks it as spam, not knowing the other person signed up.


It is a best practice to routinely review your list and search for role addresses that may have signed up.  When you find these role addresses, it is best to export them to have a record, and then delete them from Constant Contact. Review your record of role addresses and decide if you want to reach out to them to get a personal email.


Also, you need to know what role addresses Constant Contact does not send to. We have a handy list below that shows you. I recommend you search your contacts for email addresses that either start with or end with these words.


Advanced Search.JPG

Starts with:
abuse@    admin@    all@    everyone@    ftp@
investorrelations@    jobs@    marketing@    media@    noc@
postmaster@    prime@    privacy@    remove@    request@
root@    sales@    security@    spam@    subscribe@
usenet@    users@    uucp@    webmaster@    www@

Ends with:
@googlegroups.com    @yahoogroups.com    Facebook    Craigslist

Second, add your search results to a contact list. Make sure you add all your search results to one list.

Create a list.JPG
Third, when you have this list you can export the contacts into an excel report for your records.  Save the excel sheet to your computer.


Last, when you have that report saved to your computer; delete the list from your account (make sure to select delete the list and contacts so the contacts are removed from your account).


final delete.jpg