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This can happen when your email is too long. Gmail considers any emails with an HTML size of over 102Kb to be too long so it cuts the message off at the bottom of the page. You would see a message at the bottom of the email that says “Message clipped” and a link to view the entire message as a webpage. This can be very frustrating for both the sender and the recipient. If Gmail cuts off the email it can also cut off the tracking code that determines if the email has been opened or not and it hides the unsubscribe link you need in order to be compliant with the law.


Here are some tips to keep your emails short and sweet and avoid this.


  1. Cut content by including “read more” links to external sources.
  2. Include an “Interesting links” section to reduce content.
  3. Send smaller, targeted emails to your contacts.
  4. Choose a template with multiple columns.
  5. Get rid of necessary carriage returns and styles to reduce the amount of HTML.


What do you do to control the length of your email?


PDF files are common file formats for flyer's, brochures, menus and more. We know you often want to include a graphic of that PDF file in your email. Since you can only enter an image if it’s a jpeg, gif or png file we have some directions for you on how to turn your PDF file into an image file. We will do this by taking a screenshot, or capture of your document. Make sure you have the document open on your computer or phone and then following along below.


First, we need to determine which type of device you are working on.

  • Windows PC
  • Mac
  • Mobile Device


  1. Windows.jpgClick the Print Screen icon on your keyboard. The image of your screen will be saved to your clipboard.
  2. Open Microsoft paint by clicking Start > All Programs > Accessories. Once open, click edit >“paste”.
  3. Crop the image out if needed*
  4. Once you are set with the image click File > Save and then choose to save it as a Jpeg, Png or Gif file.

*Please note, you are welcome to crop or edit the image once you get it into Constant Contact as well.





  1. Click Apple-Shift-3.
  2. An image will be saved to your desktop called “Picture.png”




mobile.pngTo take a screenshot on an Iphone:

  1. Press the Home and Sleep (on/off) button at the same time.
  2. Hold the buttons until the screen flashes
  3. Preview your screenshot in your photos.

To take a screenshot on an Android device:

  1. Press the volume down rocker button and the power button at the same time.
  2. Hold the buttons until the screenshot is taken
  3. Preview the image in your gallery

*All mobile devices are a little different so we’ve included the two most common mobile types here. If these aren’t working or you have another type of device please check your manual to see if a screenshot is possible.




Now you are ready to upload to Constant Contact!