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When you send an email to the same Non-Existent address, it can end up negatively impacting your overall deliverability. To help you monitor these types of email addresses, we have created the Suspended bounce category


To better explain this category, when an email address bounces as Non-Existent they are then placed on a temporary hold for 15 days. Our system will not try to send any campaigns to this email address from any Constant Contact account. If an account does attempt to send to one of these Non-Existent addresses, the email address will then be included in the bounced reporting as a Suspended bounce.


After the temporary hold is lifted, we will then allow sending to that address the next time any account sends a campaign to it. If it bounces as non-existent again, that email address will then be placed on an indefinite hold and will show as Suspended moving forward.


Constant Contact promises not to edit any of your contacts within your account, so we will not automatically remove these addresses from the account. Because of this, you will want to manage these bounces by either fixing the address or removing it. If you find you do have questions about a particular contact bouncing back as Non-Existent or Suspended, you can always give our Deliverability team a call to discuss what steps you should take next.




UPDATED: January 2018


We have recently updated the Sign-Up Forms tab of our users' accounts. Your Update Profile Form can now be found under Landing Pages and More in the Sign-Up Forms section of your account. 


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NewSignUp_LandingPagesAndMore (4).png


Customizing the unsubscribe page is a great way to try to save a contact by letting them pick what information they want to receive or to gain valuable knowledge about why they no longer want your campaigns.  Currently in Constant Contact, you need to update the Update Profile Form to customize the Unsubscribe page. I am going to go over the Unsubscribe page and show you where to update all the information you need to create a great unsubscribe page.  


The unsubscribe page pulls two pieces of information from the Update Profile Form. It will add the image logo you use and the list(s) you select for the Update Profile Form. It is easy to customize the Update Profile Form.


Clicking on the Update Profile form, it will bring you to a page where you can give your form a title and description. This allows contacts to know they are in the right place and what to do.


The next page is where you can check the lists that you want to be available to contacts - whether to join or be removed from. The lists selected here will be the ones that show up in your Unsubscribe Page. You want the names of your list to be easily understood by your contacts/customers/subscribers. Customers should understand what they are going to receive information on.  If a customer is in any of the lists that show in the update profile form there will be a check next to that list.




When you hit continue it will ask you what information you want to collect from the contact. This does not show in the unsubscribe page. It is still a good idea to format this page. Here you can choose what type of information you'd like your contact to provide by checking the box next to all fields you want to be required and clicking the "x" for fields you don't need contacts to fill out. If you've removed a field by accident, just click the "Additional fields" link to add it back.


Next, you can select what logo and colors you want use on the last page of the Update Profile Form. This image needs to be a banner image that is 300px by 100px. Any bigger image will distort to fit this size. I recommend a simple logo with your company name next to it. Remember to preview your form to make sure it looks good. Click Finish when you're done.




A professional unsubscribe page will show your customers you care about the information you are providing them and help ensure they only get the information they want to see.


Hello! My name is Sara and I’ve been with Constant Contact since January 2014, working on the Customer Support team since 2015. I assist our customers over the phone, via email, and I’m excited to add this new channel. Without you guys, we’d have no idea what works best for your businesses and what doesn’t so feedback is always welcomed!

When I’m not working, I enjoy hiking with my dog Lola, doing yoga, going to the beach. I’ve also gotten into bowling lately and never would have thought I’d enjoy it so much.




Hello everyone!  My name is Troy.  I have been with Constant Contact for 4 years.  I specialize in our SinglePlatform service ( and support all of our other products.


Since joining the Constant Contact and SinglePlatform teams I have discovered a strong passion for helping small businesses be successful.  I honestly don’t know where this job has been my whole life!  Helping our customers like you, has given me such a sense of fulfillment. Even when I am not working I am still thinking about the conversations I’ve had throughout the day with various customers and how best to help them.


Somehow, I still manage to hike regularly in the beautiful Colorado Mountains and enjoy everything life has to offer.  My favorite thing to do with my spare time, besides hiking, is working with my huge, freshwater aquarium and play with my fish.  Ask me and I will send pictures!


I am looking forward to helping with anything I can to make your life easier as you use our products and services.  Please feel free to reach out anytime.


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Hello Constant Contact Community Users,


My name is Jonathan, and I have been a Customer Engagement Specialist with Constant Contact since August 2015.


I truly enjoy coming to work every day for two really big reasons: Our Product and Our Customers; I have a genuine passion for both. I love helping customers utilize our product to enhance the marketing of their businesses and hearing feedback on how we as a company can improve it to meet YOUR needs.  I find my job rewarding because I learn new things every day from working with the product and most of all, You (the customers) are always teaching me new things too.


To provide a little background on myself, I am a native of Boston, Massachusetts and a huge fan of the Boston Red Sox (go figure right?) Outside of working with technology, I enjoy spending most of my free time outdoors. Some of my hobbies include deep-sea fishing, swimming, and ultimate Frisbee.


I look forward answering all of your inquiries on here and hope to help make the Community page a go-to source for getting accurate and helpful answers.