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Hi, Jay Lickus here....marketing Director for the amazing nonprofit benevilla located in Surprise, Arizona.  Started by and for our community in 1981, Benevilla enriches lives of West Valley residents by serving older adults, adults with disabilities, children and the families who care for them.

Good afternoon! My name is Rachel and I work for a small but elite landscaping company in Central Illinois. I have a catch all position (as do many people at small businesses!) and one of those is Marketing Coordinator. We use Constant Contact to send out quarterly newsletters and a few random email blasts throughout the year. I really like the ease of using the program, both from creating content and organizing contacts. 

It is an honor to introduce myself as the new executive director of Generational Wellbeing Inc. (GWI). My name is Elder Karl Williams and I am excited to bring my 15 years of experience in pastoral care, counselor, and educator to this position. Throughout my career, I have dedicated myself to serving others and helping them find their way on their spiritual journey. Now, as the executive director of GWI, I see an incredible opportunity to lead and guide a team of dedicated individuals who share the passion for making a positive impact in our male youths and adult lives. I am committed to ensuring that we provide the highest level of service to our community at large, and look forward to getting to know each of you better. Join me, as we work together to achieve our mission. Thank you.


Follow us at www.generationalwellbeing.org

My name is Michele. I'm the Director of QS Behavioral Services. We provide a wide variety of services to families with Autism. Our services stretch from Martin county to Palm Beach County.

We are super excited to be part of the many providers helping families with special .

Constant Contac is making it possible for us to reach all of our friends and families by keeping them in the loop. 


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Holly here. Retired from communications at a premier liberal arts college, I was "bored" and eager to keep engaged, so I joined my local Waterford Historical Society in Waterford, Connecticut,  and offered to help because they needed better publicity and a fresh approach to membership.  

Hello, my name is Raelynn Argo. 


Hello Everyone . . . . 


My name is Cindy, and I work as a Sales & Marketing Assistant / Transaction Coordinator at Shore 4U Real Estate, in Ocean City, Maryland.  It is a boutique Real Estate Office that caters to the higher end properties in the area.   Most of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals.  The office just recently starting using Constant Contact and I am learning more and more about its features and how to build a good contact base. I feel it is important to use the best communication avenues we can to maintain contact with our customer base.  

Hello all - My name is Mikael the founder and Communications Director with Promotions West. Promotions West is a public relations and marketing firm working in San Francisco and Melbourne, Australia. We have been in business for 20 years, a very long time when I think about it. We started the business to help not-for-profit organizations and small businesses to better understand how to promote their brand, create strategic community engagement events, facilitate social marketing & media campaigns, and develop successful project management tools. I was introduced to Constant Contact many years ago but totally forgot everything I learned. Now, I am interested in learning as much as I can from others on how to connect with others and get the word out. I am looking forward to a positive experience and brainstorming with others. I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful network.

Hi my name is Chris Blakeman and I run a digital marketing agency. 


Is there anyone else here that runs a Digital Marketing Agency that uses CC and does E-mail marketing primarily for their clients? 

Greetings from Paradise! 🌺 I’m Juna Berry Madrone … my business persona is ‘Natural Mystic Guide’. I have a small (sole proprietor) spiritual consulting service. naturalmysticguide.com .


I’m absolutely passionate about my work. I love what I do and I love the results that clients get, as in: ‘Do You Need a Miracle?’ I am a Hebrew priestess and some of my services include Divination for personal growth; Soul Memory Discovery — a form of spiritual psychotherapy; dreamplay; animal communication; and sacred Krystal magic.


My terrific experience with Constant Contact prompted me to get on here. I spent about 10 minutes total while I was shot up to the second tier of assistance. There I met Theona who knew exactly why I was having a problem. He gave me clear information. Plus he told me that if I am ever having a problem, I can go to: status.constantcontact.com I was super impressed with the quality of service that I received. Now I am back online and my newsletter is up. I hate being late and I was a little late today.


I put out a newsletter every lunar week that is oriented to personal and spiritual growth. I do a different Tarot card reading each week. I get over a 50% readership of my newsletter — which my son, a digital marketing pro, tells me is truly exceptional.


My other favorite things: playing with my labradoodle; playing MCR Mahjong; playing with my orchid garden here in Bali (300+ orchids); and trying out and eating new terrific dishes of raw live food cuisine.

My name is Karl Williams, I am the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization called Generational Wellbeing Inc. (GWI). As a young boy, I yearned for the love, validation, and guidance that only a father figure can provide. But growing up, I lacked that crucial presence in my life. That's why today, I am dedicated to improving the lives of young men who, like me, are searching for a mentor and role model. Through my passion for community service and my unwavering commitment to male empowerment, I am working to ensure that no young man has to navigate the challenges of boyhood to manhood alone.


We work with male youths and adults to help them become dynamic and healthy future men. We focus on six characteristics (Education, Mental Health, Technology, Creating Stable Futures, Advocacy, and Strengthening Leadership) that contribute to personal growth and development. Through our programs and services, we aim to empower males to become better in all aspects of their lives.


I understands that faith is the foundation of males life. That’s why we are here to help males strengthen their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Our mission is to support males  and families in their pursuit of a fulfilling life. With our expert guidance and support, males can boost their productivity, enhance their relationships, and achieve greater happiness. Let’s embark on this journey of personal growth together. Join us today and revive males faith, rejuvenate males life! Let’s provide the love, affirmation, and growth that every young male deserves.


I'm TonyDrew and I'm more passionate in music, I both play and teach music and that's what I do for living, although I have a passion and really want to grow in climate and justice side(Climate/environmentalist activist), If I can find someone who has been doing before for me to learn more from them, it will be of a great help! And do we both support and nature talents here? Do we support talents and climate justice here?

Hello me and my husband are starting a new buisness and are desperate for assistancein how. We want to worl together with our diffferent skillset. He has been moving local and residential since 16 years ago. I have been in non profit managent for 8. I wpuld like to tun a cleaning co w him and my adultsnw disabilities who struggle to find gainful consistent and understanding employment they need to be a member of society and live. Any advice just starting out would be amazing. Contracts. Networking. Obtaining the correct licenses and who to speak with or apply for. Litterally starting scratch. And moving and cleaning do we need two seperate entities? Thank you so much! Even where to buy small vans trucks ha

I am Jim Hulton, freelance copywriter for The Write Stuff, a solopreneur copywriting services here in North Wales, PA. I have been in business for over 15 years to help small businesses, non-profits, healthcare units, churches, and emerging growth companies meet their writing challenges. I have been a Constant Contact client, off and on, for over 6 years. If any of you are interested here, I'd be glad to converse and learn more about you and how I could possibly help. 


My name is Dusty Alexander, you can call me D. I'm the mother of a 25 year old, actual adult human which feels weird, because how could I possibly be old enough for that to be true?! I'm also chronically ill and no longer able to work a 'traditional' job but I am also a fan of eating and living indoors. To that end, I have joined the ever-growing ranks of the self-employed and opened my company, Writing & Whatnot just a few weeks ago. 


As you probably gleaned from the name, I am a writer. Historically, corporate materials like SOPs, newsletters, and advertising. I have also worked as a travelog writer, copywriter and content writer for numerous small businesses and independent contractors.  In addition to offering those services, I am nearly done with a book about transitioning from traditional work to being your own boss. As soon as it is close to publishing, I'll want to market the book as well as my for-hire work. 


Like every writer I have a novel I am working on, now that I actually have time to dedicate to some fiction! Lastly, I hope to complete both a cookbook and a poetry compilation I have been dabbling with for years! Writing has always been a part of my personal and professional life, but now that I'm in my third act I am all in on the written word!


I am excited to explore this community and I hope to get to know some of you along the way!





。*゚.*.。My name is Nicole, I am an Experience Analyst & AI Programmer at ADL Call Center, The 1st luxury call center EVER!


We specialize in customized luxury CX services along with telecommunications products and cyber security, making ADL Call Center a (One Stop Shop) for  secure unified communication technology and live luxury agent coverage ready to perform your business vision. A hybrid of automation technology supported by live luxury CX agents creating a luxury experience, making each customer more loyal to your brand. 

I Love working for a company that allows me to make decisions that positively effect my small business clients every day, work • life • balance. I have worked in lots of environments over the past 25+ years in the Telecommunications industry, there is no company like ADL Call Center. 

I am truly passionate about SERVICE and making a difference to my clients and their work and home families.


Lets connect❀




I am Tahjera owner of a company called TahjeraCo. TahjeraCo specializes in footwear we seek to provide persons with comfortable, durable, and fashionable footwear.

Hi Im Sunny Kimbrell. It will be good to get t;o kn;ow ;you.  I am into losing weight. eating nutrionally and taking yoga,

I search out companies that guarantee weight loss and companies that provide nutricious meals.  I try and educate anyone who is in need of these services.  Also yoga is my favorite form of exercize. I love the flexability you get from yoga and the inches you can lose.

I only seek out the best of these things before I would ever recommend them to anyone.  I hope you will take a look at these t;hings I am recommemding and leave your e-mail with me,  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself to you and I'm looking forward to getting to know you as well.

Hola soy Claudia ☺️

Me dedico al periodismo de espectáculos y relaciones públicas desde Sinaloa. Tengo más de 23 años en el periodismo, y desde hace unos años cuento con mi propia página web sobre cultura y espectáculos: www.claudia peralta.com.mx. Además coordinó medios para conciertos, shows en teatros y palenque de Culiacán. Ofrezco coacheo a talentos en crecimiento, entre otras cosas.