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We're the Women's Cancer Resource Center in Berkeley, California. Our mission is to increase equitable access to cancer information, support and care. Learn more about us at www.wcrc.org.



I am Miles, founder and Director of Theatre of the Imagination.  We offer drama classes for kids in Kansas City.


For 25 years we have been getting the drama out of houses just like yours!


I love to teach acting to kids. It is so rewarding when they are on stage getting laughs and applause.


Theater has always been a passion for me. Love getting up on stage and entertaining!

Hi, I am Cheryl from First Veterinary Supply. I enjoy helping veterinarians obtain high quality products for the best price possible. I love animals.

Hello! I'm the Digital Communication Manager for the National Fenestration Rating Council. I have been using Constant Contact for quite a while and have used them in previous jobs too.

Hello everyone!


We are Upstate Equipment, a veteran owned-and-operated 2nd generation family business located in Western New York. We are a heavy machinery dealer. We provide our customers with farm and construction equipment, sales and rentals, as well as service and parts for their machines. 


We provide our clientele with the best possible service when dealing with ALL departments of our dealership. In today's business climate, customer service is almost non-existent. We were raised to treat people the way we want to be treated, and we promise we will work hard to be your business partner, not just a place where you buy equipment. We will increase your profitability by providing uptime, quality equipment, and fair pricing. We will strive to be available anytime - day or night - to keep you running. We will communicate and keep you in the driver’s seat in all decisions.


We believe that the United States of America is the best nation on Earth because God has blessed us with the many freedoms that we enjoy. We are so very thankful for all Americans who have served in the military, especially those who have given their lives for our freedom.

Hello, my name is Renee' and I am an Administrator at The Lighthouse Church of All Nations in Alsip, IL. We are located about 15 miles southwest of downtown Chicago and have been serving our community for over 45 years! Constant Contact helps us stay in touch with our members and supporters throughout the nation and world!

I am Veverly Davis and I am Content and Social Media Developer for the Atlanta Chapter of the CAU Alumni Association.  I have used Constant Contact in several other organizations for about 15 years, so no, this is not my first rodeo with CC.  It is my go to for newsletters, marketing our events, and disseminating news for the organization.  



I'm Cassandra. I work as the marketing content specialist for IDSeal, a cybersecurity company based in NC.


The best thing about working for a small business is that you get to be a part of the growth and change in the business. It's a great place to be! 

I'm passionate about crafting digital messages that really speak to people and answer the questions that they want answers to. 

Greetings Everyone!

My name is Chris Craft. My husband, Jeff and I manage a medium-sized bookstore and an adjoining cafe at our church, Calvary Chapel of Downey. We are located in Southern California, just a few miles from Los Angeles. Jeff and I have been managing the bookstore for about 14 years now. We were asked to takeover the Cafe nearly 10 years ago. 

Our small business are close to our hearts because every book or bible we sell represents a need that we've met. When we serve a latte or sandwich know that we are not only quenching hunger and thirst , but, through hospitality, we are feeding an appetite for Jesus.

Jeff, myself and our small staff are extremely passionate about what we do! We are excited that the Lord is allowing us to use our gifts and talents for His glory.


Hi everyone!  I'm a chiropractor and I've been using constant contacts for years now.  I love how easy it is to keep all my contacts informed about my practice.  I know there's still tools that I haven't even touched yet, but plan to get on that soon:)

Hi, I'm Debra Helwig, and we use Constant Contact a little differently - our department within Pinion is a "small business" in that we manage internal communications for a large consulting and accounting firm with a national footprint. We use the platform to speak to our employees across the country about what's going on in the firm. Constant Contact is the best way out there for us to share and track our operations updates, weekly newsletters, and other important communications that have to be both easily accessible and lovely to look at. It's not marketing, but we use many of the same tools and systems and Constant Contact is an important part of our operations. We love what we do and love putting our employees' engagement and wellbeing at the center of our communications. Constant Contact helps us do that!




Hello from S. California. My name's Mary & my husband and I operate Feed My Flock Ministries, a small homeless outreach nonprofit. Glad to be here.

Hi Everyone!

My name is Brianna Verelien. I work for Father Bill's & MainSpring located in Massachusetts. We are a nonprofit organization that aim to end and prevent homelessness in Southern Massachusetts with programs that provide emergency and permanent housing and help people obtain skills, jobs, housing, and services. I have the privilege of working on the Program Development team where we develop new programming and evaluate and enhance existing programming to maximize effectiveness. We utilize Constant Contact to maintain our listservs throughout the South Shore region that allow us to connect with other organizations that assist in enhancing our mission to end homelessness. I enjoy knowing that my teams' work will have lasting effects in combatting the causes of homelessness so that its occurrences become rare, brief and nonrecurring for all people, especially our most vulnerable populations. I am passionate about social justice, equality and equity for all people.



I am Courtney Bowman-Cox the current Marketing & Communications Chair for Arizona PTA. The Arizona PTA is just a part of a nationwide network of parent, teacher, student, advocacy groups.

Founded in 1906 by Mrs. Emery Keyes, Arizona PTA is a State Congress under the National Parents and Teacher's Association.  We are an active all-volunteer board supporting, training, mentoring, developing and guiding Arizona local PTA and PTSA units.  We advocate at the Arizona State Legislature regarding children's health and safety, education and family engagement.

To learn about the PTA Mission Statement, the history of National PTA or the benefits of membership visit pta.org  

I love that I am able to help support and advocate for not only my child, but ALL children.


Hello Enjoy being part of Constant Contact. I am Rose , professional e

hello, this is Rose, I am a professional pet sitting service in Calif. and use my CC newsletter to communicate with my pet clients. It is an easy and professional way to say hello. I had a template

designed by CC and I love it and I get alot of compliments on my newsletter. I have been

in the biz 12 years and take care of small dogs to our equine friends. I love my job and it is very

rewarding working for myself and not being in the corporate world. 


Hello everyone!

Hi! My name is Kim Pearlstein and I own a marketing company called Pearlmark LLC. As a Strategic Marketing Consultant, I am passionate about teaching business owners how to effectively use marketing tools/systems to build relationships, increase visibility, get more referrals, and stand out from the competition. I specialize in LinkedIn, Email Marketing, and personalized greeting cards and gifts, and I am also proficient in Canva, Microsoft Office, and CRMs. I will patiently teach you the technology tools you need to support you in growing your business.


I love helping business owners who are overwhelmed/frustrated with technology become confident that they can effectively use the best marketing tools to showcase their business online.

My websites are:



I offer a free demo of our strategic card and gift sending system, so feel free to book a call with me: http://talktokim.live

Also, I am happy to connect on LinkedIn, so send me a personalized connection request: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimpearlstein/



My name is Becky Nelson and I'm the Chief Marketing Officer at Great River Federal Credit Union.  We have branches in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Michigan and although we are a small Credit Union, we are big on innovation!  We are a not-for-profit financial institution providing financial services for our members. Due to our not-for-profit model, we are able to provide more personalized service with various interest rate benefits.  I love working for a small financial institution because we can get things done very quickly and listen to our membership!

Hi my name is Jeanette Dames and I a the owner of River Angel Ranch.  We are located in Idaho and offer lots of fun ways to get away from it all just for fun or to improve your soul connection.  In the summer we host 3-5 day river retreats on the Main Salmon in Idaho, the Rogue River in Oregon or the Green in Utah - depending on availability each year.  I also offer private readings to help you get in tough with your Angels.  Knowing them and co-creating with them each day makes everything in your life smoother and easier!  I am also a Heal Your Money Story (Love, Joy, Peace and Health) coach as well as a Write a New Story coach.  Both programs are designed to really up-level your self love, abundance, prosperity and well, your whole life!  You can find me at www.riverangelranch.com or on Facebook.  

I would love a chance to introduce you to YOUR angels, help you clean up your energy or any other kind of life coaching assistance you may be interested in,