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Surveys: Collect event date in survey

by on ‎10-16-2011 08:34 PM

Hi there,


I am creating a Survey to find out what our clients liked and didn't like about our events.


I would prefer not to create a new survey each time we have an event (so that I have the option of aggregate reports about ALL our events), but it is also useful to be able to look at feedback results for particular events.


So...I would like to ask respondents to specify the date of the event they attended and that their answers refer to.


Does anyone know how I can do that?  The question/answer formats available to me seem very limited...so maybe there's somewhere I am not looking?


If this isn't something ConstantContact can currently do, please please please consider sending this suggestion to the development team?!


Ideally, respondents would be able to click on a date field and select a date from a little pop-up calendar.


Thank you. :smileyhappy:

by Valued Contributor on ‎10-17-2011 10:50 AM

Hello Rachel


The Single-Select Multiple Choice question type allows the creation of the type of response that you described.  In the Question Text box, describe the desired action of the respondent.  Then in the drop-down, select the number of options that will be presented.  Finally, in each question box, the appropriate date can be entered.  An "Other" response can be selected, which will allow the respondent to enter free form text.


The respondents will be able to select the date they attended from a drop down selection of dates (not in a calendar format).


This will work for past events.  Once a survey is published, the question text can be edited, but the number of selections cannot be changed.  So, for example, if the original question offered three selections from which to choose,  March 1st, April 1st, and May 1st, the question could be edited to April 1st, May 1st and June 1st - but you could not add a fourth selection (June 1st) to the original three selections.


One solution would be to construct the question with more selections than currently required, and leave the future dates unspecified.  


If there are questions about anything I have written, please let me know.





by on ‎10-18-2011 07:47 PM

Hi Robert,


Thanks for your suggestions.  In order to not have to update the survey to add a new date to the drop-down list each time we hold an event (the benefits of ConstantContact are all about automation, after all!) I need to enable respondents to select any date.


In order for the responses to be searchable, the date format needs to be consistent, so a "free text" box won't do what we need - everyone could use a different date format.  eg. 1 Jan 2012, 1.1.12, January 1st, 2012 etc.


So I need for respondents to be able to select day (1-31), month (Jan to Dec) and year (say, 2011-13).


I can only work out how to do this in three separate questions.  Is there a neater, quicker way?


Thanks for your help,



by Valued Contributor on ‎10-19-2011 08:55 AM

Hi Rachel,


I do not see a way to collect the specific date information in the manner you indicate.  It would actually take more than three questions (presuming one for year, one for month, one for day) as 20 is the maximum number of responses in the Single-Select Multiple Choice question type.


The Rate Items on a Scale question type has a maximum grid configuration of 11 across x 10 down - not enough in either direction to accomplish month/day.


You'll need to arrive at your measurements via a different avenue than date.


The best solution is probably found in the Skip Logic functionality.  Presuming you are working with classes (as opposed to workshops), your variables seem to be Teacher, Class, Location, and Time. (Hint: map this out on paper rather than composing directly into the tool).  Start with the variable with the smallest number of options (Location), then Class, then Teacher (presuming Classes are relatively constant, Teachers may come and go...).  Good news -  the responses to these questions are sortable (when you download the responses via .csv) and searchable.


Once you've taken your survey respondent through the Skip Logic steps, then ask the quality/experience questions.


I hope his helps.  Please let me know if there are questions about anything I have written,






by on ‎10-19-2011 07:31 PM

Thanks Robert,


I'll put some thought into work-arounds.


What is the best way to submit this suggestion to the Constant Contact development team?  Now that CC is doing so much around Events and Surveys, being able to connect the two would be such great functionality for clients!


Thanks again,





by Valued Contributor on ‎10-20-2011 08:31 AM

Hi Rachel,


I have sent a note to Jarrad, one of the moderators of the User Community, asking him to review this thread and submit your request for a Calendar survey question type to the development team at Constant Contact.


I hope this helps.  Please let me know if I can assist you in any way.







by CTCT Employee Jarrad_M on ‎10-20-2011 12:45 PM

Hi everyone,


Thank you for your ideas and feedback on the survey product. As Robert pointed out either myself or Marissa are the go to moderators for submitting feature requests. I'll be pointing this thread out to our developers.