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2012 All Stars

Honored Contributor




Every year, Constant Contact awards a group of our customers for being All Stars!


How do you become an All Star?


Any Constant Contact customer can be chosen as an All Star. Criteria include:

  • Having been a customer in 2012
  • Consistently high open rates (greater than 25%), click through rates, and low bounce rates
  • Regular contact with your audience, or publishing at least 2 events
  • Completing two of the following Constant Contact activities:
    • Adding list growth tool Join My Mailing List to your website
    • Adding Join My Mailing List to your business Facebook page
    • Regularly viewing your reports to see how you're doing
    • Sharing your emails or events on social media using social share
    • Adding social media Follow Me links to your emails or events



Check out more information about our All Star Program here.


Occasional Visitor

I was sent an email saying I am an All Star. How do I access the items to promote this within my business?

CTCT Employee

Hi Renny,

Congrats on being An All Star! In the email that was sent to you there are links to promote your All Star Status. We have also created an email Draft in your account that you can send to all your contacts, thanking them for helping make you an All Star.


I Hope this helps.

Have a great day!

New Member

My click through rates are consistently around 40% - how do I apply to become an all-star?

Honored Contributor

HI @LauraL878


Thanks for your question. We determine who the All-Stars are on many attributes. One being click-through rate, another open rate, as well as being a customer of ours for a full year. You can learn all about becoming a All-Star right here.


Good luck for 2015!