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Add Contacts


One of the first steps in getting your account set up is uploading contacts. Before we start, make sure you have reviewed our permission policies on what type of contacts you can email from your account. Also, check out how we handle duplicates.


Now, let’s get started.


  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click “Contacts”
  3. Click “Add Contacts”
  4. Choose one option from the dropdown5-7-2014 7-26-29 AM.png
  • Add a Contact: Type in your contacts and any details that you'd like to store with us.
  • Add Names & Emails: Type or paste as many names and email addresses as you would like.
  • Add from file: Upload a spreadsheet of your contacts & their details!
  • Add from Google: Upload your Gmail or Google contacts.
  • Import from other apps: We’ve got apps for MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Act and more!

 5. Follow the steps for the method you are using.


That’s it! You can start sending your campaigns to these people.



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Hi I'm Hannah! I started at Constant Contact in April 2011 as a Customer Support Rep answering calls, chats and emails. I moved to the Social Media team full time in October 2012. I also work with the @ctcthelp twitter handle, follow me there!