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Add a Font Not Listed

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When you’re creating a campaign you have a specific font in mind that you want to use. Maybe it’s the font that is used most frequently on your website or on your flyers.  You’ve gone in to create your Campaign and you find that your font isn’t listed. In fact, it’s not even listed under the Other option. Sure, we have 32 available fonts but sometimes that just isn’t delivering the results you want. What can you do?



If you know HTML this is pretty easy but I can walk you through the steps and you’ll feel like a HTML pro when complete! Please note that you will have to do this for every block that you wish to change the font on. There isn’t an overall fix for this. So, let’s get started!



  • Go into the campaign that you wish to add a new font to
  • Click the Edit icon (pencil) for the first block you want to add the font to
  • Click the HTML icon

Block HTML.jpg

  • You will receive an overlay that is titled Code View
    • Look for the code that says font-family:
    • Directly after that colon, add the font you wish to add and a comma
    • Do this in any section where you see font-family within the HTML view
    • Then hit Update
    • Save your changes 
    • Test and Preview ALWAYS!

And now you'll see that your new font has been added!  Check out my example below! I added Algerian, which was available in my Microsoft Word.


Algerian Font Added.jpg


Please note that if this font is not on your contact’s computer, they will see the next font in the family that is.


And that’s it! Any questions let us know!


Occasional Contributor

How do I do that with the new interface?

CTCT Employee



Our new editor does not have the option to view the HTML coding. You will not be able to change the font in the coding. We make updates often, and are always interested to hear how each of our customers use the product in their own environment. I am going to add this into our feedback system where we share thoughts from our customers. We use this to prioritize and add future product upgrades.

All Star

Please add back in the ability to add custom fonts. This is very important for organizational branding.


New Member

Hmmm, seems a bit of an oversight on your part as clients want it.

I'm testing the platform and unfortunately this a showstopper for me.


Hello @PaulL18. I apologize that this feature is not available for you to use in your account. I will track this feedback for you. I also encourage you to leave feedback as well on our Feedback board. This board is used by our Product team to decide what features and improvements we can make to our product.

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How do you actually reference the style?  an @import or what?  Where should the font files sit. 

You have covered the most basic part but none of the stuff that really matters.

CTCT Employee

Hi Potter223,


If your account uses our Second Generation Editor you can click on the HTML button to access the code and change styles there. In addition, you can access the entire Style Sheet for your email campaign by clicking the Style Sheet button:



Additionally, when utilizing custom code to build your email campaign you'll want to work in the Advanced Editor to add styles. If you'd like to send us an email to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com and include your username and a reference to this post we'd be happy to check and see which editor your account is using.




Very klunky way of editting fonts.  Fix this asap if possible.  People use a thousand different fonts and everyone is branded--to not have instant access to fonts we have purchased is ridiculous.


Hi @RodneyM2649. Thank you for your feedback about the availability of fonts in your account. I will track this in your account. I also suggest visiting our Feedback board so you can make your voice heard there as well. 

Solution Provider

Please add the option to customize fonts - we need this option for our Corporate Identity. Thank you!