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Add the Copyright, Trademark & Registered Trademark Logos

CTCT Employee

UPDATE: July 2017 - This feature is currently only available in our Second Generation Editor (2GE). 


Do you have a Copyright, Trademark or Registered Trademark that you want to add to your campaign?  You can add these symbols in via the HTML Code of a block in your email!  Please note: This topic is a little more advanced as it requires you to edit the HTML Code.  If you are not comfortable doing this, just let us know and we can help you out!  


Let's go over the character's first: 


Type of Symbol Symbol HTML Number HTML Entity
Copyright Sign © © ©
Registered Trademark ® ® ®
Trademark ™ ™


Now, here's how to add them: 


  1. In the block that you are editing, put some unique text where you want the symbol to appear (this makes this place easier to find in the code window). Example: xyz, zzz, or yyy. 
  2. Copy the Code from above that you wish to have in your block, you can use the HTML Number or Entity.  You can right click and copy or use Ctrl + C (Command + C on a Mac). 
  3. Click the HTML button in the toolbar: 
  4. In the Code View window click Ctrl + F (Command + F on a Mac) to open the find window.  Type in the unique text you added from Step 1.  This should highlight the text in the code for you.
  5. Delete your unique text, but keep your cursor where the text was. 
  6. Paste in the code that you copied.  You can do this with a right click and paste or use Ctrl + V (Command + V on a Mac).  
  7. Click Save in the bottom right of the Code View window

The symbol should now be added to your block where you needed it.  


Here are a couple of helpful hints for you: 

  • Once you have the symbol added into one section of your email you can highlight the symbol and paste it into other areas of your campaign if you need this symbol in multiple places. 
  • If you want the symbol to be in superscript like this text, use this code before your symbol <sup> followed by this after the symbol </sup> 
    <sup>This text will be superscript</sup>
  • If you want the symbol to be in subscript like this text, use this code before your symbol <sub> and this text after the symbol </sub>
    <sub>This text will be subscript</sub>


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Do you have the HTML code for the service mark?

CTCT Employee

Hello @marketingt584,


For the service mark symbol, the HTML number is "&#8480;" or you can use <sup>SM</sup>. I hope this helps.


Awesome.  Feels like I'm back in eBay circa 2000.


Hello @ForwardFold,


Thank you for your feedback. I can understand how having a shortcut to creating characters would be helpful. Please let us know if we can assist with anything.


do you have a html code for a star or a 5 star rating?


Hello @JenniferS19. At this time, we do not have the ability to add in a rating feature into your emails. However, this is great feedback and I will submit this over to our Product team. 

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Hey my tool bar doesnt have an HTML option - now how do I insert a symbol


Hi @DawnK2997


I can definitely understand how helpful it would be to access your email's HTML to insert symbols. I took a peek at your account and can see you are working in our Third Generation Editor. At this time HTML access is not a feature available in these campaigns. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause! This is however a feature request I have tracked and submitted in your account. In the meantime, I would suggest pasting your symbol into a text block and use the superscript or subscript we provide to format these symbols further.