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Adding Questions, Text and Page Breaks in your Survey

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Once you have chosen your template or decided to start from scratch you can modify the layout to suit your needs.  Within the Survey Campaign you can add questions, text and page breaks.  Let’s go over these different options:


  • Question – If you need to add in different question types or need more questions use this option. A window will appear giving you the seven (7) types of questions you can use in your Survey.

  • Text – If you need to break your survey up into different sections (i.e. Personal, Professional) you can use this to label the sections or introduce new elements in the survey.

  • Page Break – Pretty self explanatory, right? If you want to break a longer survey into smaller pages with a Continue button, this is where you are going to do it!  This also adds a progress bar to the Survey to show how far along a participant is.  These are great to add, especially with lengthier surveys because, in the event that a participant decides to abandon the survey before completing it, responses are saved from the last time someone clicked “Continue.”

Keep in mind even after choosing a template you can edit questions as needed.  How do you use these options within your Survey?  Share your tips and tricks here! 


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 For the text lines in an event, is there a way that I can create line breaks in text?

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Is there a way to copy/paste or create a 2 or 3 column table when creating a newsletter


Hi @TEDxCharleston


We'd be happy to help with your event! We would however like to clarify exactly what it is you'd like to edit. Are you trying to insert line breaks in the text on your Registration Form or your event's Landing Page? Having this details can help us troubleshoot this further for you.




That’s a great question! However I would like to apologize at this time our editor does not include the option to include a table. This is a feature request we are collecting feedback on. In the meantime, we suggest creating your table outside of Constant Contact and inserting it as an image. I have also submitted your feedback on this in your account to the appropriate teams.