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Adding & Editing Contacts in the Toolkit App

CTCT Employee

Part 2 of the Toolkit App tutorial is here!  To take a look at Part 1, which goes over how to access your contacts, take a look here.  In this article we will go over adding new contacts and how to edit existing contacts.  


To add a new contact, you will click the icon in the top right, shown in the red box in the first screenshot below.  You are then taken to a page (the 2nd screenshot) to add details of your contact, like their name, email address, list(s) and more. Note: When adding lists, click the "+ Add Email Lists (required)" area and a pop up will appear with the lists from your account. When you have completed adding their details you will want to click Save at the top right.  

2015-04-08-12-36-13.png  FlashAnnotate.jpg


To edit an existing contact, click on their name or information from your contact list.  There is then a pencil icon at the top right to click to edit their details.  You are then brought to the edit screen to change, add or remove details as needed. Remember to click Save when you are done!  


testa.png 2015-04-08-12-34-14.png edita.png


And that's it!  Pretty quick and easy, right?  Have any questions?  Let us know by replying to the article.  


Please Note: Screenshots for this article were taken from an Android device.


Former Community Manager at Constant Contact.